First Look at Hellboy, Leia’s Daughter Was Almost Rey and More! – ComicCorp News

It’s late, deal with it.

First Look at New Hellboy – The first two photos of David Harbour have dropped and he’s looking like a more rock-centric version of Hellboy. While Ron Perlman’s had more of a ponytail look, Harbour’s has more of a loose flowing main, more akin to Ron Perlman’s Beast from his early 90’s “Beauty and the Beast”. Ironic.

Who Made Bruce's Suit – “Gotham” is going to open up with young Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz) in a pre-Batman, “Kick-Ass”-influenced battle suit. The folks over at “Gotham” and Fox though kind of dropped the most obvious spoiler; who made the suit? Well, it’s going to be Lucius Fox. Cus duh.

Leia’s Daughter Was Almost Rey? – The current theory around Daisy Ridley’s Rey is that she’s the twin sister of Han and Leia’s son; separated at birth for some reason or another. (It could also be that she’s Luke’s daughter). But apparently Billie Lourd, the daughter of the late Carrie Fisher, and revealed that she almost landed the role of Rey, which would of be ironic. Instead the actress landed a minor role as a member of the Resistance, and is rumored to have a more major part in the upcoming films.

Quick Hits – Julian Albert (Tom Felton) may return to “The Flash”, just not anytime soon according to executive producer Todd Helbing. IMAX’s CEO Rich Gelfond reveals that they almost didn’t run “It” due to “Inhumans” releasing around the same time (but they ended up getting both in).