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Trump Protest At SummerSlam Events – According to Gothamist, a group of WWE fans demonstrated outside of the Barclays Center at a SummerSlam event protesting Donald Trump being in the Hall of Fame. John Stevens, who led the group, had the following to say…

“We were talking about how Trump gave that crazy press conference, and then thought about how he’s in the WWE Hall of Fame even though Hulk Hogan got kicked out over racism. What Trump has done is remarkably worse than what Hogan did, since he’s dividing the country by siding with neo-Nazis and white nationalists…I was sickened by that press conference, and his response to Charlottesville. Basically WWE is endorsing those comments by having [Trump] in their hall of fame. I can’t wrap my brain around the fact that they’d leave him in there, take Hogan out and claim they say they care about racism.”

Rallies are also apparently planned for NXT “Takeover: Brooklyn III tonight and SummerSlam on Sunday as well. Stevens said that while the company can always ignore the group outside the arena, “We might protest during the shows, we’ve got prime seats,” he told Gothamist. “Where our seats are, you’d definitely see it, you’d hear the chants. WWE could take care of this problem now, or they could have it come up during one of their biggest pay-per-views of the year and have it be on the WWE Network forever.”


Ric Flair Update – It was previously reported that WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair was admitted to the hospital earlier this week and placed in a medically induced coma and underwent surgery. There were a number of conflicting reports on the nature of his health issues, but his girlfriend Wendy Barlow stated that Flair was suffering from “multiple organ problems.” Some new information has now been reported on Flair’s current hospitalization and how his heart is functioning.

Justin Barrasso and reported that Flair’s surgery involved removing a part of his bowel. Additionally, Dave Meltzer revealed that Flair had an external pacemaker put in. It was also said he has some kind of infection but due to his weakened state, there are problems with giving him antibiotics. The report also clarified that he did not suffer a heart attack while in the hospital, but with other complications from the surgery, he could be in the hospital for more than a month. On behalf of everyone here at NerdCorp, we wish Ric Flair the best in his recovery.


Top Name In NYC – I normally hate and don’t report on this kind of stuff….but…PWInsider is reporting that there have been a number of social media posts mentioning that The Undertaker and his wife Michelle McCool were in New York City last night. It seems the two might be in town for Summerslam. While PWInsider mentions that Undertaker might be making an appearance at the show, it’s also possible he’s just there to watch the events this weekend or to visit with friends.


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