Cena Changes Finish to Match With Nakamura, Braun Was Way Out of Line and More! – WrestleCorp News

A lot of updates and rundowns, plus a hot take that people won’t agree with.

Cena vs. Nakamura Update – John Cena is being credited for changing the finish between himself and Nakamura, which saw Nakamura beat Cena cleanly. Apparently there was a discussion of having Baron Corbin interfere and cost Cena the match on accident, but Cena vetoed that. It should also be noted that despite Nakamura being extremely careless in the ring with his opponents, Cena told Nakamura to not worry about almost paralyzing him with an errant suplex. Cena’s expected to move over to RAW after SummerSlam

Opinion: With Samoa Joe, Dash Wilder, Austin Aries and now John Cena all being victims to Nakamura’s style, you have to wonder if the WWE should even put him in a title match, let alone put the belt on him. Nakamura is showing that he’s unsafe in the ring.

Enzo Being Moved? – So there’s more on the Enzo Amore situation. Apparently he was overheard on the bus he got kicked off of, talking about how much money he was making and apparently “disrespecting” the business. This has lead many to dislike Enzo. The current idea is to move Enzo to NXT to hopefully build up him as a top star, but there is a plan to move him to 205Live as well. The idea of moving him is mostly to get him away from Vince McMahon, who apparently doesn’t see anything worth while in Enzo.

Opinion: Enzo needs to be on NXT or 205Live, (NXT), so he can show what he can do. The WWE have really done a great job making one of their best talkers absolutely despised by the IWC. He needs to be rehabbed.

Braun/Karen Update – Karen Jarrett is a saint. She was asked about the Braun blow up, and responded with the notion that it was just “…a silly incident….and it got blow way out of proportion”. However, turns out she went easy on the big man from Kentucky. According to Dave Meltzer, when Karen asked Bruan for an autograph for her son Kody, Braun said; “…Fuck your son.” If he’d of said that to me about my child (not that I have one), I would of teed off on his face. It’s one thing to respectfully decline, or even admit it’s a bad day and you’re just not up for it. It’s another thing to be a piece of shit. Braun begging on his knees makes all the sense in the world, when he just told Kurt Angle’s son to fuck off.

It should be noted that the WWE is super professional, and there was a lot of jokes at Jason Jordan’s expense.

Opinion: I don’t like Dave Meltzer’s opinions, but his news and facts are 99.9% dead on. So if he said it happened that way, it happened. Karen is far more forgiving than most.

WWE Passes on Talent – The WWE have decided to pass on Io Shirari of the Stardom promotion in Japan. While no reason has been given, Io has a history of neck injuries and was actually taking time off to rehab her injury while she awaited her contract from the WWE. Io has since returned to the Stardom promotion.

Opinion: A lot of foreign talent just got to the WWE for the money. IF that was Io’s desires, oh well. However, if she grew up wanting to go to the WWE to work and that was her goal, I could only imagine how devastated she must of been when they reascended her contract.

Paige/Patron Update – As of right now Paige has not been medically cleared yet to return to the ring, and hasn’t wrestled in over thirteen months. As for Patron, while his suspension is still being upheld, he believes they’re close to bringing him back into the fold and ending the suspension. He also respects and understands the need for their own investigation into the matter.

Opinion: These two need to walk away from the business.

Quick Hits – DJZ has been cleared to return to action for GFW after suffering internal injuries in Mexico earlier this year. Hoho Lun has been released from the WWE. Fite App has inked All Japan Pro Wrestling to a deal to feature them on their service. Part of Brandi Rhodes departure from GFW involved her having a side reality project shot in Atlanta that GFW was not supportive of. Chris Jericho’s return was a one and done.