‘Justice League’ Reshoot Update, ‘Doomsday Clock’ Almost Cancelled? – ComicCorp News (ComicCon Hangover)

There’s not much in the way of news today, obviously, because it’s the hangover from ComicCon, but we got somethings worth talking about.

“Justice League” Reshoots News – Take it for what it’s worth, Variety is reporting that Justice League’s reshoots are costing up to $25 million dollars, and have complicated Ezra Miller and Henry Cavill’s scheduling’s. Both men have moved on to their next projects and are having to find ways of filming all of their projects. It should be noted that no one is overly perturbed by the reshoots, and it’s more of a scheduling issue than any desire issue.

Doomsday Clock Almost Didn’t Happen – Geoff Johns dropped the news, “The Doomsday Clock” story that will explain everything since the end of the Darkseid War, almost didn’t happen. Johns is quoted as saying;

On the set of Wonder Woman, we talked a lot about it. At the end of the day, we thought, ‘You know what? We’re not going to do it.”

And then the election happened. And then other things in the world happened, and it changed. Suddenly, the whole story just jumped into my head, and I called Gary and said, ‘I just have to pitch this to you, because I have this story, and the story is bigger than I thought it was, it’s different than I thought it was, it’s more risky than I thought it was.’

…We’re not trying to replicate and do what [Moore and Gibbons] did, we’re doing our own thing. The story we’re telling is a very different story, but it’s certainly a very personal story… It is a story about everything: Cynicism and opportunity and corruption, and lies and truth and love, and the lengths people will go for love, and hope. Optimism. Decay. Are our best days behind us, or ahead of us, you know? What is the truth? Do people give up, is it OK to give up, when do you give up, when don’t you give up?

Quick Hits – James Bond will get the 25th film in 2019. Nothing else is known at the time. “Captain Marvel” to film in California.