Update on Brock Lesnar Leaving WWE, NXT Team Being Called Up? – WrestleCorp News

It’s been a long day, so we’ll just hop right in.

Brock Lesnar/WWE Update – There’s news from various outlets about Brock Lesnar leaving the WWE, but there isn’t anything that truly substantiates that. Lesnar apparently entered the USADA, but now the UFC is claiming that Lesnar never did re-enter the drug testing pool. So despite the fact that multiple outlets are reporting it, the UFC is denying it. The original rumor had Lesnar returning to the UFC after his WWE contract was up but that might not be the case.

The UFC though has denied Lesnar returning before, so that’s not exactly a big leap to assume that they’re lying. It should also be noted that this isn’t the first time the Lesnar-to-leave-the-WWE rumors have popped up before.

Former World Champ Done With GFW – The Observer is claiming that Magnus only came back to GFW originally to drop the GFW title he was carrying. The company did offer him a contract, but he turned it down. In my opinion, Magnus was never going to be a top guy, and his real worth was only with EC3. So I don’t consider this much of a loss.

Former ROH Wrestler to NXT? – The WWE is wanting to revamp NXT, and one of those names they hope will add some depth to their company is former Top Prospect Winner, Donovan Dijak. The former CW Champion has stopped taking indy bookings and is expected to join Kyle O’Reily and Bobby Fish in NXT. The trio was targeted by the WWE a while back but due to contracts and potential lawsuits, the WWE backed off of their pursuit.

NXT Team Debuting at Battleground? – The Observer is reporting that Sanity is a top choice right now to appear at Battleground to face off with Breezeango. This wouldn’t be the first time NXT workers pulled double duty, as Paige and Kevin Owens famously did so. Another team that apparently is on the radar is a reunified Luke Harper and Erick Rowan. I’ve been told the WWE still hasn’t finalized who it is yet.

Quick Hits – WWE to produce Mattel fashion dolls of The Bellas, Sasha Banks, NAtalya, Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch, Alicia Fox and Eva Marie. Kevin Owens wants to headline WrestleMania with Sami Zayn. Alberto El Patron has stepped down as President of Combate Americas. WrestleZone claims Mark Henry has officially retired from in ring work. John Cena admits that his time in the ring is coming to a close. Charlotte is the favorite to win the Five-Way at Battleground.

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