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It’s another day, with more news to talk about. So lets hop on in, Space Monkey Mafia members!

El Patron’s Word on Ryback – El Patron recently recently was interviewed and was asked about Ryback’s comments on the WWE’s desire to expand into India. El Patron, who’s part of Impact Wrestling, just completed the tapings in India that have been set up a while ago. El Patron was asked about Ryback’s comments about it being stupid to expand into India, and Patron said the following;

(Laughs) That really makes me laugh. To be honest, I really like Ryback. He’s a guy that… (laughs) I mean, I like the guy, he’s a nice person. But I mean – it’s ridiculous that someone like him, who hasn’t done much in the business… he had some good times. In WWE, he had some good moments, he had a good run, he had a good career. But he hasn’t really done anything in this business yet. And I’m putting this in the nicest way because I like the guy. I do not want to disrespect the guy. But his comment is completely stupid. Me, I’m a third generation wrestler. A guy who has seen it all, accomplished it all everywhere. A guy who has worked for the most important companies around the world, and was the champion in each and every one of them.

I’m telling you this – India is the perfect market for pro wrestling, because there is a lot of passion and love for the sport. This is my second time in India, and I can feel and see how passionate the Indian fans are for pro wrestling. I come from a third world country, from Mexico, where there isn’t too much money – we don’t have too much money. But we never regret something we manage – we go and spend the money we have in order to be entertained.

WCWP Wins Against YouTube – What Culture Pro Wrestling was recently hit with a ‘strike’ due to their use of the YouTube logo in a live streaming event. The event’s entire purpose was to raise awareness for YouTube’s harsh classification of pro wrestling on their service. Apparently someone in YouTube or more specifically people watching, reported the channel. Because of that the video was taken down, the channel was issued a strike and they lost their live streaming privileges.

However today it’s being reported that WCPW appealed the decision and not only got the strike removed, but the video is now officially back up on the channel. Hopefully YouTube took to heart the crux of the issue.

RAW Ratings Update – Last week the WWE had an all-time low ratings, but this week they rebounded. But going from worst to second worst isn’t much of an improvement. RAW still brought in 2.944 million viewers, which is still significantly down from previous years at this time. It’s also the sixth straight week that RAW has pulled in less than 3 million.

Quick Hits – Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts wants Bray Wyatt in a match. Seth Rollins rumored to be this years cover athlete for WWE2K. Booker T is replacing David Otunga on RAW until the end of the Summer potentially. Impact Wrestling releases hype video for El Patron vs. Lashley in a title vs. title match.