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#IMPACTonPOP Results – Andrew Everett defeated Desmond Xavier, Caleb Konley, and Matt Sydal. Garza Jr & Laredo Kid defeated Hakim Zane & Idris Abraham. Laurel Van Mess defeated Ava Storie. Moose defeated Marshe Rockett via RD2 pin to retain The Impact Grand Championship. Alisha Edwards defeated Angelina Love. Alberto El Patron defeated Magnus to win the GFW Championship.


John Cena Speaks – In an interview with Sports Illustrated, John Cena spoke about Roman Reigns claiming the ring is his yard and mentioned that he was looking forward to a match between the two. Here is what he had to say…

“Roman is in the trenches every night and he’s performing at an elite level with a champion caliber attitude. His performance and the response that he gets from certain audiences is indicative of an elite-level performer. He’s doing what I did in 2006, 2007, and 2008. He has all the justification in the world in saying it’s his yard. I’ve made a career of shutting the mouths of people who’ve made that claim that WWE was their yard. I very, very much look forward to the day we put that to the test.”

Maybe one day we shall see who’s the real champ that runs the camp.


Brock Lesnar/John Cena Update – According to wrestlinginc.com, Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman are advertised for the July 3rd Raw from Phoenix. This is the go-home show for the Great Balls of Fire PPV. John Cena is being advertised for the July 4th SmackDown tapings, also in Phoenix that week at the Talking Stick Resort Arena. Ticketmaster is combo ticket is being sold for both shows.

So for sure Brock Lesnar is on the show as confirmed…Do you think it will be Braun Strowman to challenge Brock? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.


AJ Styles Speaks – The face that runs the place, the champ that runs the camp, AJ Styles spoke with Inside the Ropes for a new interview. Here is what he had to say about people who came up through NXT.

“Well I gotta tell you, I’m very jealous of the performers who’ve come up through NXT. They are like family. They know each other by their given names, their birth names. And so when they talk about each other I’m like ‘Who is that? Who are you talking to?’ So I’m like ‘Don’t call them by their birth name, call them by their WWE name.’ So I’m jealous of that, they have that family atmosphere, that’s the great thing about NXT. And I’ve said this also, back in – you know, way back then, years and years ago, there were people getting stabbed in the back so others can climb to the top. That’s not the way it’s done in NXT because you can actually care about the guy across from you. You know them, you know what they went through, you see them train, you’ve seen how hard they work. So you have a passion for each other and love man, so you want to see them do well. They love each other, and I think that’s the most important thing in the WWE right now. I’ve seen guys work so hard together because they love each other like family. They see how hard each other has worked through NXT and made their way finally to the main roster. I think that’s really important. For WWE alone. When you got some of the guys I care about most in this business, my best friends, are the guys I have the best matches with. That hopefully never changes in the WWE, because of NXT.”

I’m not surprised AJ didn’t go through NXT since he is that good, it wasn’t needed, but it would have been interesting to see AJ in NXT, maybe he could have had a match with Samoa Joe in NXT.


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