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HHH on Performance Center – A big criticism that the WWE and NXT have faced is their inability to build original stars, and their reliance on top names from the indies. Triple H responded to the criticism by saying;

The misconception is always the same, and it’s absolutely wrong. We are looking to make our talent as diverse as possible. People say everyone is wearing the same thing and training the same way. Yet they are not training the same way. We are grouping people together to work on building certain skills. The core of what we do is the same – yes, you have to learn the same skills, techniques, and foundation when you start. Then we set you up with people to develop your characters. We want the talent to develop their character, and our job is to help harness the character. We want them, every single one of them, to be unique and have their own feel

Gail Kim Elaborates Comments – Gail Kim was on Busted Open Radio and spoke to them about her social media post directed at Stephanie McMahon’s refusal to acknolwedge that Impact Wrestling (then known as TNA), were the ones to start and keep their women’s division going. She also claims that the WWE was watching what they did and borrowed from them, despite claims of the otherwise. The whole thing is worth reading;

You know, I’ve always been the type of personality – you know me,” Kim said. “A lot of people that have worked with me know I’m pretty direct. I’m the type of person – I think my husband has made me worst. Because he’s a pretty direct guy. But when I have a spot in my head or a very strong dealing, I just have to let it out. Verbally, physically, who knows? So when I saw that it was kind of like, it was frustrating because – Yes, I feel that Hunter did do a lot for women in NXT. If you actually look up the definition of revolution, if you really think about it then the fans really revolutionized women’s wrestling, because they’re the ones that Tweeted at Vince through social media, the power of social media, to say ‘Give Divas a chance.’

But before that, I would say the evolution of women’s wrestling really came from Impact Wrestling, TNA, because at that time I got into wrestling at a time where the girls were doing a great thing, but it was kind of a mix of girls. I thought it was actually a perfect balance where they had Trish, Victoria, Jazz, Ivory, all these great women on RAW, and they’re the ones that inspired me to become a wrestler. Especially Molly. I saw here and I was like ‘Wow this girl is different and she moves like an athlete in the ring.’ I just really loved her, and that was the reason I got into wrestling. But at the same time, they had this perfect balance of Torrie and Stacy and these sexy girls who, not necessarily wanted to wrestle, but still wanted to entertain in their own right. Then we kind of had that era where we did wrestle, but then it kind of went away and just got killed. For me, people might kind of look at it and go ‘Well, Sensational Sherri and The Fabulous Moolah’ of course I give my props

They’re the ones that were the wrestlers in the beginning. But when it gets killed, women’s wrestling was dead for a while. That’s why I had something to fight for in Impact Wrestling, and they took time with it. It took about a year and a half for me to basically fight, fight, and fight. They finally did it and we were virtually a success almost overnight. We didn’t think it was going to happen, we didn’t know what was gonna happen, but it just happened with Kong and I. They kept things really simple and I don’t know if it was because we were an after thought and ‘Okay lets bring in all these girls and -‘ Jackie and I had kind of proven ourselves before that, they kind of tested the waters and when they brought all these girls in, and we took the ball and ran with it, they never stopped.

Impact Wrestling has never stopped with women’s wrestling. When I left after that, to go back to WWE, they never stopped. They brought in women’s tag titles, and I’ve never seen than ever waver from how they portray the girls. And then they have that ‘give Divas a chance’ whole, what do you want to call it? A revolution. Yeah, WWE is a company that is mainstream and gets more coverage, obviously, but I think that all comes from somewhere else. And that was Impact Wrestling. WWE can say they don’t watch Impact and TNA but I know that’s a lie. They would tell me all the time ‘We don’t watch it, we don’t watch what happened back then with you and Kong.’ Oh okay, then why did you hire us?

If you didn’t see us in TNA – you hired us back for a reason, it’s not like we’re doing nothing during those years, and all of a sudden you’re like ‘Okay let’s hire these two girls.’ So it was just funny. I think, yes, give credit where credit is due. I think Hunter did a great job with it, the NXT girls. That’s pretty much where Charlotte and Sasha and Becky and Bayley, they pretty much but their mark on the business and that was great. I support those girls one hundred million percent. Those girls are doing what I wanted to do back then. I get it, I get their passion. I just think that Impact Wrestling needs to get their credit because they gave us that chance to never stop.

Daniels on ROH Mount Rushmore – Christopher Daniels spoke to Ring Rust Radio and revealed to them who he thought was the Mount Rushmore of Ring of Honor, saying;

Daniel Bryan, Samoa Joe, CM Punk and Nigel McGuinness. I wasn’t going to put myself on there. As much as I’ve contributed to Ring of Honor, those guys did as much or more and certainly deserve the recognition. It’s nice to think that people think I deserve to be top four like that and that sort of sense of what they’ve done for the company, but if I found out I was number five on the list out of four, I wouldn’t be disappointed. You look at the track record of those four guys and what they contributed to the company in the time when they were champion, I don’t think my current run compares to the stuff they’ve done yet. You can try to build a title reign that stands up and when you lay it side-by-side with what Joe, Punk, Bryan or Nigel all did, that’s my goal is to try to be comparable to those guys and it’s a long road ahead of me to do that.

NJPW Dominion Final Card – The Dominion Show on June 19th at the Osaka-Jo Hall, has been finalized. Joining the Rematch of the Year will be Tanahashi going after Naito’s Intercontinental Championship, as well as a NEVER Openweight Lumberjack Deathmatch invovling Goto and Suzuki. Not too mention War Machine vs. Guerrillas of Destiny and more. Check out the card below.

-Kazuchika Okada (c) vs. Kenny Omega (IWGP Heavyweight Championship)
-Tetsuya Naito (c) vs. Hiroshi Tanahashi (IWGP Intercontinental Championship)
-Minoru Suzuki (c) vs. Hirooki Goto (Lumberjack Deathmatch for the NEVER Openweight Championship)
-War Machine (c) vs. Guerrillas of Destiny (IWGP Tag Team Championship)
-Roppongi Vice (c) vs. The Young Bucks (IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Championship)
-Cody Rhodes vs. Michael Elgin

Quick Hitters – After working with Impact Wrestling over the last few weeks, it’s official that MJ Jenkins has offiically signed with the company. NJPW announced that they released more seats for the upcoming shows in Long Beach, California, but they sold out instantly. World Wrestling Network and PROGRESS Atlas Champion, Matthew Riddle will take on EVOLVE, Pro Wrestling Guerrilla and Resistance Pro Wrestling British Heavyweight Champion, Zach Sabre Jr. in the main event of Evolve 86 this June. No titles will be on the line. Jim Ross is the rumored lead announcer for the long awaited women’s tournament this summer.