Marvel Comics Tarnish Captain America’s Legacy Forever – ComicCorp News (There is No News Today Apparently)

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Captain America is Ruined – The folks at Marvel have ruined Captain America, and I don’t see how they can fix this. Not only is he a sleeper agent for Hydra (the Nazi’s), but now the entire Marvel universe is claiming that the Allies winning World War 2 was a lie, that someone went back in time to alter. So not only was Captain America always supposed to be a member of Hydra canonically, but now he’s “worthy”. That’s right, apparently the new Secret Empire storyline will feature Captain America wielding the hammer of Jane Foster’s Thor. If he be worthy, right? Marvel has tanked their comic brand harder than anyone comic book entity I’ve ever seen, and while DC has been doing great on their side of things, there is nothing they’ve released that should of tanked the Marvel side of things as hard as they have. Marvel has at any given time 20-30 more titles than DC, and is routinely outsold. This is part of the issue, the butchering of beloved characters. You’d need Geoff Johns to walk this shit back. For shame, Marvel. For Shame. This revelation was made possible due to the Free Comic Book Day issue that Bleeding Cool was able to check out. Below is the image of the last page of the issue.

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