SmackDown “Shake Up” Review

While a full look at the moves are coming tomorrow, right now we’re just talking SmackDown’s moves.

SmackDown Gets: (Kevin Owens or Chris Jericho), Jinder Mahal, Sami Zayn, The Shining Stars, Tamina Snuka, Charlotte Flair, Rusev, Sin Cara, Lana, The New Day

WWE United States Champion

Byron Saxton

– I’m actually a bit surprised at how balanced this whole thing was. The biggest acquisition was clearly Kevin Owens. I know there’s some debate over whether he or Chris Jericho will be on the brand, but with Jericho leaving the WWE to tour, Owen’s big promo and his new look, it makes no sense for Jericho to win. So Owens is obviously going to be sticking around on SmackDown. Owen’s has a great ability to get the crowd against him with his promos, so if he changes up his style a bit, and stops wrestling the way the fans want him to, he’ll be a good heel and may be the top heel on SmackDown.

The second biggest name was actually in the women’s division, and that’s 5 time WWE RAW Women’s Champion, Charlotte. Charlotte brings a huge dearth of credibility to SmackDown after her run on RAW where she won 12 titles. Joining her was Tamina Snuka, who I’m surprised they addressed as a Snuka considering that her father probably killed a woman in cold blood. But oh well. Tamina was out first before being overshadowed by the 31 time Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair.

The mid card and tag team divisions got huge lifts as well, with Rusev and Lana coming to SmackDown (But with different gimmicks). No word yet if Lana will finally transition to being a single’s competitor but with inaggural SmackDown women’s champion Becky Lynch, two-time SmackDown champion Naomi and 45 time Women’s Champion, Charlotte Flair, there’s no telling if Lana should even compete with how deep the top of the roster is.

The other big acquisition was that of The New Day. While Kofi Kingston is out for what could be a few months, the team brings in a heap of credibility and could really help add value to the SmackDown tag team scene. Not as much value to a division as the 58 time women’s champion, but more than most none-the-less.

Jobbers include Sin Cara, The Shining Stars, Jinder Mahal and super jobber Sami Zayn. Sin Cara would of been best served staying on RAW for 205Live, but Mahal and The Shining Stars are fine.

Sami Zayn on the other hand was immediately thrown into a main event match that he lost. Because that’s his gimmick. He loses. Cus he’s a loser.

Another Shake Up Coming?
– Rumors are abound that the WWE is thinking of doing a more in-depth “shake up” after SummerSlam. Why? Because Vince is all about the over saturation. That could see even more nonsense occur. I hope to god someone can talk to Vince about not doing this event, because you can only move so many people a year before you’re moving one roster to another show.

It’s not about switching up who’s on what night, it’s about adding a little flavor to the shows every so often. I think these moves are perfect. No one has to move in another major event. You can work out “a trade” with Cena or Orton to RAW for a Finn Balor type, but outside of that type of top guy move, cus there wasn’t any of that type here, there’s no need to do a second event in just about 4-5 months. It’s stupid.

Someone, tell Vince how stupid this is.