Nerdcorp News: #IMPACTonPOP Results, Daniel Bryan Speaks, #SDLIVE Women’s Match Update And More

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#IMPACTonPOP Results – Andrew Everett defeated DJZ. Moose defeated Cody via split decision to retain the Impact Grand Championship. KM defeated Braxton Sutter. LAX defeated Reno Scum, Decay and Laredo Kid & Garza Jr to retain the Impact Tag Team Championship.


Daniel Bryan Speaks – Daniel Bryan spoke with the Gorilla Position podcast and was asked about a potential return at WrestleMania 34. When asked about if he would want to face off against The Miz if cleared, this i what he had to say…

“If you can convince these guys [WWE] to let me do it, I’d love to do it. Although I don’t know if I’d really want to go against The Miz. When you look at the people around here, you got Nakamura over there, AJ Styles, all the different people.”

Ouch, well if I was Daniel Bryan, I wouldn’t want to face The Miz either.


Update On SD Live Women’s Title Match – Cathy Kelley has confirmed that the Smackdown Women’s Title Match has been moved from the Kickoff Show at WrestleMania to the main card. Kelley said on the Hall of Fame pre-show that the change was made after fans demanded it on social media. I can also remember not being too stoked to hear that the match was on the Pre-Show. I do however, wonder a couple things…will another match take it’s spot on the Pre-Show? And if not, then does that mean that time for all matches in general will be cut?


Announcer Returning For Mania – PWInsider reports that Jim Ross has signed a new deal that will see him return at WrestleMania 33 to call the Goldberg vs. Brock Lesnar match for the WWE Universal Championship. The site reports that the deal will see Ross appear occasionally on WWE television but will mostly be used for material on the WWE Network, documentaries and the like. The new deal will preclude Ross being involved with the new World of Sports series in the UK, for which he called the pilot, but will not change his status with New Japan on AXS TV. The deal was done five weeks ago, before the passing of his wife Jan. It is great to see that WWE and Jim Ross have worked out a working agreement after his release many years back. We here at NerdCorp still continue to send our best thoughts and all our condolences to the family of Jim Ross.


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