WrestleCorp News: Adam Cole to WWE?, The Desperate Hardy’s, and More!

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Adam Cole to WWE? – Adam Cole spoke with Busted Open’s Dave LaGreca and Doug Mortman today and revealed that he has a month left on his contract and will be considering where he’ll go after the deal expires.

I’ve discussed this before and I totally don’t mind talking about because it’s a very talked about thing,” Cole said. “I have about a month left on my Ring of Honor contract where at that point, I kind of have to make a decision. And the truth of the matter is, I haven’t made my decision of what I would like to do yet. Because, obviously, there are a lot of options I have to consider. There are a lot of situations I have to consider. So for me to make my best possible decision, I need to know all the avenues that I can take.

So as of right now, again this kind of sounds like a cliché answer, I have big match after big match every single weekend. So I have to focus on this next month that I have: challenging for the Ring of Honor Television Championship this weekend, I’d like to get back over to New Japan. Right now, all of my focus is on making as much of an impact in Ring of Honor as I can. When it comes to May, that’s something that’s kind of up in the air at this point.

Obviously most people want him to go to NXT, because people are sheep. But honestly I’d like to see him in Impact Wrestling (obviously) or even in New Japan Pro Wrestling. NJPW needs more English speaking stars to get any traction in the states and Cole has a history of working good matches in NJPW.

Mauro Update – Mauro Ranallo missed a third straight SmackDown taping due to his bout with bi-polar disorder. Ranallo tweeted out “Feeling love from everyone. ….I want to wish my WWE family another Amazing #WrestleMania…”, which seems to indicate he’ll either skip or be left off WrestleMania this year.

The Most Desperate Tag Team in Time and Space – What happens when egos get in the way? Well, you become Matt and Jeff Hardy. The former Broken Hardy’s still don’t know who to blame, taking shots at Jeff Jarrett, despite all of their complaints coming under Dixie Carter. A lot of what they’re doing with the videos is trying to establish some sort of pattern of conduct, so they can go to trial and show them that Reby Sky apparently had more to do than originally thought.

Expect Impact Wrestling (TNA is no longer the name of the company Matt, but then again you’re living your character ,why would you act rational now) to file a trademark claim against this video, as the Hardy’s are using Impact Wrestling trademark property to generate negative press against the company. Not too mention, they’re trying to utilize the titles to generate profit away from Impact Wrestling. So, yeah, DESPERATION.

WWE Network Update – The WWE Network is 3 years old and still can’t break 1.5 million subscribers. The WWE is hoping to break 2 million for this years WrestleMania. Which is cute.

Quick Hits: WWE erecting roller coaster set. Paige happy on the day of her wedding. Daniel Bryan name dropped ROH on last night’s Talking Smack. Vin Diesel and The Rock being kept apart on Fast and Furious press tour.

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