WrestleCorp News: WWE Buying ROH? Major Styles Match Offered? Hardy/Impact Update, and More!

We’re mere minutes from ComicCorp going live and I still need to do this. Members of the Space Monkey Mafia, welcome to my life.

WWE Buying ROH – Here’s what we know. The WWE has had talks with ROH as early as August and we all assumed it was to license the product. Nope. The WWE wants to eat their competition and are willing to destroy any hopes of any making money anywhere else. The WWE would, in theory, absolve the ROH brand, whore out the tape library and then take on any contracts of the wrestlers who don’t want out. There are about a dozen guys who the WWE could not force to come to work, and ironically enough, those are the guys the WWE would want. There is no guarantee this will happen. That should be clear, however Sinclair Broadcasting, ROH’s parent company, has commented on this saying;

Sinclair’s corporate policy is never to comment on speculative rumors and unsubstantiated stories.

So…yeah. This is a serious thing that’s happening. Dave Meltzer even reported that ROH’s parent company was about to purchase Tribune Broadcasting, which would of brought ROH into even more markets, like Cleveland finally. So yeah, that’s a wrestling dick kick to me. Will it happen? I don’t know. It’s 50/50 I’m told. Sinclair wants a lot of money for ROH and aren’t willing to negotiate the price down. So it might not happen. If the industry lost ROH, that’d be a huge blow.

Hardy/Impact Update – Both Reby and Matt took shots at Impact Wrestling officials the last 24 hours. Impact trademarked the “Broken Matt” moniker, as seen on their YouTube channel, which caused Reby and Matt to take shots at Ed Nordhalm and Jeff Jarrett respectively. Matt took issue with Jarrett, who congratulated long time friend and new ROH World Champion, Christopher Daniels, for tweeting Daniels. Matt claims that Jeff Jarrett was one of the people who threatened to sue ppv providers if Broken Matt appeared. Except, and I don’t know why these two are so vapid, but everyone, form Meltzer on down, is claiming this is strictly Anthem, and not Jarrett’s decision. Jarrett though, unlike the Hardy’s, is a pro and doesn’t make shit public.

Mauro Update – The Observer is claiming that Mauro Ranallo did miss the last SmackDown taping due to an illness, however Meltzer did say there’s more to the story. He once missed an Invicta event due to his ongoing issues with depression, the Observer claims. There is some thought that this was another bout of his depression getting one over on Mauro. We’ll have more on this later.

El Patron Cancels Appearance – Albert El Patron cancelled an appearance at next weekends WrestleCon to stay home with Paige as she deals with the sex tape theft and leak. He said in a statement;

Due to the invasion of our privacy, I need to be home with the person that needs me more at the moment and our family. Thanks for your support and I’ll be seeing you next time.

Quick Hitters: Bray Wyatt thinks his match with John Cena was a “special thing” but also praises the intensity of facing ‘Taker. HBK claims he was offered a match with AJ Styles for this year. He turned it down. Now we all hate him. Bellator to run MMA event at Madison Square Garden with Chael Sonnen and Wanderlie Silva to headline.