Welcome to the new RealNerdCorp.com!

This is our brand new baby, and we hope you like her.

After some minor issues, a serious overhaul in our presentation and some dedicated time to think about what we want to do and present to you; the fans, this is it. For now.

We’ll be continuing to grow and expand the site, but we wanted to get this thing up and running in time for WrestleMania, so we could generate some real interest and positivity in the NerdCorp brand. We hope you like the layout. It’s really close to what I always wanted it to look like, and less complicated now to work; so that’s good.

Also, no more blogging long and detailed posts on tumblr, to just have the the site get bogged down and start lagging. That was frustrating. So now here we are, and we hop you enjoy it. It took us a while to clean things up and reorganize but we’re here now.

As you can see, there are links above to categories that will be filled with content in the coming weeks, and to the left is the new log in. Just click there if you have a profile to create articles and get started.

Right now, I believe, the comments are still being ran through disquiss (?) but we’ll check that out as we continue things.
So things are much more simplified and we like it this way.

Also, at the top, you can see the YouTube link, and the Streaming link. We’ll have those both up and ready to go (YouTube already is). So as soon as we figure away to create a portal to Alex, Ace’s and mine’s personal channels, then we’ll update that.

For now, leave any comments or suggestions below and lets get to this!