Major League Wrestling is Reaching By Signing This Former IMPACT World Champion

Major League Wrestling is signing a lot of good, young talent thanks to Court Bauer’s closeness with Konnan . They’re able to get top lucha talent and are even giving some veterans a second breath, like Low Ki.

Just recently they announced the signing of The Von Erich’s, Marshall and Ross Von Erich.  The duo are very talented and have been on IMPACT Wrestling a few times over the years, as well as doing a few tours with Pro Wrestling NOAH.  It was announced recently that each man has signed five year deals; but they might not be around for the whole five years.  That is, assuming the ‘five year’ part is true.

They’ve really found some great hits, even current MLW World Champ ‘Filthy’ Tom Lawlor.  Place him with, Low Ki, Simon Gotch,  L.A. Park, El Hijo de L.A. Park, Gringo Loco, Myron Reed, among others and you see that they aren’t lacking for talent.  They may need more name value though.

With beIN Sports, their cable distributor, wanting to run more live shows, it’s possible they’ve asked MLW to look for bigger names to help draw eyes to the product.  Who knows? I certainly don’t.  I’m just looking for a reason.  Any reason why they’d sign….Austin Aries.

Aries has literally ruined relationships with every promotion he’s ever been in.  ROH, WWE, IMPACT, and various smaller promotions have no desire to ever bring him back.  The breaking point for IMPACT, who hired him four previous times, was this past years Bound for Glory.

As we all know by now, Aries was booked to lose to Johnny Impact after sustaining a few weeks of body shaming from Impact.  Aries then brought Impact’s wife into things, by pointing out the hypocrisy of shaming his height, when people have shamed his wife for her weight gain.  The two took this to the logical conclusion in wrestling by escalating the insults and threats.

They finally met at Bound for Glory 2018, and it was a shit show.  Stiff strikes, no-selling and a walk out post-match was just the start of the drama, as Aries was done with the promotion from then on and no one was interested in bring him back.  Aries even yelled at Co-President Don Callis on his way backstage, and even cussed out a few others on his way out of the building.

Since leaving IMPACT, he’s worked mostly for the Penrith, New South Wales, Australia promotion; World Series Wrestling, and even faced off with Abyss in one of Abyss’ last matches before retirement and his shuffling off to the WWE’s backstage hell-hole.

Aries has shown he’s unreliable.  He’s never been able to be trusted, because he’s been let go on six different occasions, all over behavioral issues.  He’s been let go from IMPACT on three occasions due to behavioral issues. He was let go from the WWE for being a cantankerous dick.  Then there’s rumors about how he handled his ROH exists.

If MLW expects him to fall in line, you’re going to be sorely mistaken.   Sure, Lawlor, Low Ki and even IMPACT’s Ace Austin (who works for MLW as well) will provide interesting match ups, but how long do you think Aries will play ball for?

Austin Aries’ legacy is in the toilet and there’s no reason to suspect he’ll ever change.