Oh, Hi! Oh, Guys…Podcast Presents: Cruel Summer – A look at the Karate Kid Franchise

Join Alex Swisher and Chad Porto (and maybe a few other people) as they talk about the Karate Kid franchise in it’s entirety all summer long! The festivities will start in June on the 7th and go until July 12th; with a new podcast dropping every Friday.

The gang will look at each and every piece of the Karate Kid lore (except for the remake), in an attempt to better understand the films, shows, characters and motivations.  All this to answer one nagging question; who really is the Karate Kid?

All shows air live on Twitch.TV/RealNerdCorp every Friday Night starting on June 7th during the Oh, Hi! Oh, Guys…Podcast.  Come join us and get in on the conversation as well as look through this iconic fight-franchise.