Saying Goodbye to Supernatural After 15 Seasons.


I won’t lie, part of me expected this series to go on forever.  Yet, after fifteen seasons, Supernatural is saying goodbye in 2020.  The show, currently in it’s 14th season, has been on the air since the fall of 2005.

I literally have not experienced life after high without this show being on the air.  It’s weird to think about, that throughout college, my first career in private security and now my second as a hack-writer and barely adequate journalist, that this show has never not been there.

My viewer habits have changed and I no longer watch it on a weekly basis, instead lumping a several or so more in a weekend binge.  I’m nearly caught up on season 14, but haven’t hit the 300th episode yet, so NO SPOILERS.

The news is said but not entirely unexpected, I believe it was Jared Padaleckiwho said that 300 episodes would be a good stopping point. Which was of course the 14th season of the series.  So their thoughts line up pretty well here.

To think that when this show started the network was still the The WB and Smallville was still a juggernaut.  Now it’s successor in the realm of DC TV, Arrow, has announced it’s ending next year as well.

Crazy times.

As seen in the Twitter video above, Jared Padelecki tweeted a video of franchise stars Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins and of course Padalecki himself announcing the end of the series in a heartfelt video to the fans.  The general idea was to let the fans know from them, instead of hearing about from other sources; a classy gesture.

The series has launched and revived careers, from Padalecki, to Ackles and Collins as well as bringing back comedy actor Curtis Armstrong to a major live action role.  Prior to Supernatural his highest profile gig was on American Dad as recurring character Snot, named after his character Booger from Revenge of the Nerds.

Arguably the highest profiled actor to come up with the show, and leave it is the on-screen father of Padalecki and Ackles; Jeffery Dean Morgan.  Morgan played John Winchester, father of Padalecki’s Sam and Ackles’ Dean.  He commented to Entertainment Weekly that he wants to return for a proper arc in the series final season, saying;

Hopefully they’ll leave it in a place where John could come back again.  My dream would be to come back and do something in the last year, the last episode, the last couple episodes, whatever, and do a proper little arc.

He had been hoping for a return to the series for years, last appearing in season two’s finale, and since returned to the role for the 300th episode.

With the show ending, a void will be left in many people’s heart.  The show is special to many, and was almost cancelled after season five and again in season seven. The show was moved to Friday’s, a usual sign a network is preparing to cancel the series, where the thought was that fans would leave the show.

They didn’t.

Instead, the series started to bring fans back in the Friday Night Death-Slot.  This prompted them to renew the show and move it back to a more prominent time slot where the show stayed steady. Now, seven years after it was on the verge of cancellation, the show is going out on it’s own terms.

Attempts at two spin-off’s fell flat but a third could always happen. The fanbase is still hungry for more, and new fans are coming every week it seems, even if it’s via Netflix and not in new live weekly numbers.

This show has defied expectations, and somehow despite being done in a year, I suspect it’ll defy expectations once again.  I would bet a good sum of money on a sequel series to spin out before it’s all said and done.  Because that’s what this show does, it inspires and defies at every turn.

No other show in CW’s history has lived up to the networks mantra of Dare to Defy quite like Supernatural.