LucasArts Returning? and More Nerd News

Be it Lucasfilm Games or LucasArts, the video game developer rose to prominence in the 90’s with the Super Star Wars trilogy of games, Zombies Ate My Neighbors, The Curse of Monkey Island, Star Wars Rebellion, Grim Fandango among others.

The developer, publisher and licensor was downsized significantly after the Disney purchase to reflect Disney’s new goal for the company; to solely license video games.

The biggest license was to Electronic Arts, who was making the Star Wars: Battlefront series for Disney.  Now rumor are abound that Disney is revoking EA’s rights to the game to make more Star Wars content in house.  Disney is looking ofr a producer, brand art coordinator and brand marketing coordinator for LucasArts, or now referred to as Lucasfilm Games; which is their original name form the 80’s.

What the long term goal is here anyone’s guess.  There’s no public news, no real sign of any direction; just a few job listings, a wing and a prayer. It should be noted that even if Disney revives Lucasgames/LucasArts, the developers who created that brand have long since moved on, and there’s no telling what kind of quality product the brand would publish now.

In Other News…

Allison Mack is attempting to reach a plea deal with the U.S. Government.  Mack is more keen now to negotiate because the charges against NXIVM founder Keith Raniere keep mounting.  The prosecution just slapped down additional charges of child exploitation and possession of child pornography.   As the court is trying the group in New York, the maximum sentence Raniere can get is 25 years.  Yet these charges could up it another ten, easily.

Mack was noted as the second in command for the group upon the revelations of the groups true purpose.  She’s currently out on bond and is attempting to finish her education before the trial starts, while living with her parents in California.

Quick HitsDisney is trying to figure out what to do with the New Mutants film, which was supposed to be an X-Men spinoff that no longer has a universe.  Rumors have them using it on the Disney+ streaming service.  ANOTHER new Three Musketeers film is being made, this time by Netflix.