IMPACT Re-Signs Top Tag Team and More Wrestling News

Loyalty still matters to some.  Jake and Dave Crist want people to know that, after Wrestling INC revealed that the duo had re-upped with IMPACT Wrestling, and did so without even taking a call from any of their other suitors.

speaking for he and his brother, Jake Crist told Ross Kelly;

IMPACT has always been home to us.  They always gave us a platform and were the first ones to give us a chance so why not stay loyal? I know this business isn’t a loyal business, but we’re loyal people.

We were always deadset on staying loyal to IMPACT.  They took a chance on my brother and I, so why not keep rocking and rolling? We love the direction and we are literally taking over everything.  Sami Callihan, us…you’ll see what’s coming down the pipe. Ultimate X… it’s an amazing time for me as a performer with IMPACT Wrestling.

The overall attitude towards the promotion has changed internally.  There was a sense of uncertainty when Anthem took over.  Then when they brought in and subsequently fired Jeff Jarrett, a lot of people were left wondering “what’s next?” Well, while former top guys like Lashley, EC3, Bobby Roode, Mike Bennett and others struggle to find their placing in the WWE, the main roster of men and women in IMPACT Wrestling are staying loyal like only a few have before.

With Eddie Edwards as the de-facto lead of this group, the future for IMPACT does seem bright, just as long as they never give up trying.

In Other News…

Juice Robinson’s loss to Chase Owens in the first round of the New Japan Cup has gone to waste, as Owens lost to YOSHI-HASHI in the 2nd round of the tournament.  YOSHI-HASHI now moves into the Elite Eight of the tournament.  Joining him is Tomohiro Ishii, after he defeated Taichi in a 20+ minute main event match.  That means the first quarter-final will have YOSHI-HASHI taking on Ishii.  Tomorrow morning will see Kazuchika Okada take on Mikey Nicholls, while Will Osprey takes on Lance Archer.

Details of the 2nd Jericho Cruise are coming in and names like Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, Sean Waltman, DDP and Jake Roberts are already attached.  The cruise will go from Miami to Nassau, Bahamas in 2020, going from the 20th to the 24th of January.

Quick Hits – Despite having doubts he could hang with the 205 Live guys, Sean Waltman would be very interested in being apart of the brand.  Dolph Ziggler confirmed to Wrestling Inside the Ropes that he’s been on a ‘handshake deal’ for the last few years with the WWE.