Michael Elgin Can’t be Trusted

(*The facts stated in this article are just that; factual.  They are based off of testimonies and interviews from Elgin himself.  I at no point source or reference anything a third party says about anything Elgin has done as a definitive fact.  Only the things Elgin himself has either admitted to, or flat out stated he’s done.*)

I’ve been sitting on this story for a few weeks, not really knowing how or why I should write it.  It’s news, it’s obviously news, but it’s not popular news.  This is the stuff that just ruffles people’s feathers and cause the most soulless to shout “WHO CARES?!”

I do.

I recently just read an interesting article about Ethan Page’s disdain for Davey Richards over cancelling on a recent show.  Richards’ cancelled about six-seven weeks out from an event that Page was hosting and the more ‘hipster’ of the internet-wrestling-community have reacted with “ugh, fuck him!”‘s and the like.

Because an independent contractor cancelled a showing, with plenty of time out to be replaced.  There are issues that stemmed back some 8-9 years, sure.  Yet, that was nearly a decade ago, and people are still holding those things against Richards.  So if the IWC is going to be that damning on Richards, you better up your game now.  That brings us to Michael Elgin.

For those who don’t know, a woman on Twitter known as Moses Malone accused Michael Elgin of protecting an alleged-rapist (Note: Sean Orleans) professionally, cheating on his wife, as well as harassing and stalking her.

Elgin apologized for some things.  Then he sued her.

I don’t know Moses, and honestly I don’t want to.  She seems to have plenty of issues she needs to work through.  As far as her allegations go, I don’t believe her.  I also don’t-disbelieve her however.  She’s making accusations.  Accusations, until proven otherwise, should always be the Schrodinger’s Cat of statements; both true and false.

That being said, there is enough here to look at the character of Elgin.  She claims that Elgin discredited her when she tried to out her attacker.  This is what started the whole thing, she wanted to expose Elgin for protecting someone she alleges attacked her.  After Elgin tried to discredit her, Moses released sensitive messages between her and Elgin in order to prove her credibility.

Elgin released a long apology, and without admitting it entirely, admitted to being inappropriate and possibly even sleeping with her.  For those who don’t know, Elgin is married to retired-women’s-indy-legend MsChif.  (Note: For clarity, I can’t find any sign that MsChif has worked since 2014 in the ring; that’s where I’m getting ‘retired’ from*)

In the revelations were also incendiary comments made about current ROH Television Champion Jeff Cobb.  Those comments were magnified by the fact Cobb and Elgin were teaming together in New Japan Pro Wrestling at the time.  This culminated in a moment at the January 4th, 2018 Dome Show where War Machine (Note: War Machine are now known as War Raiders) decreed “Fuck Michael Elgin!” on their way out of the ring.  Were the tag team commenting on Elgin’s comments about Cobb? The allegations against him stemming from the Sean Orleans situation? Do they know something we don’t?

There are more minor details that help expose the man’s less than impressive attributes, one juts needs to look for them.

But this leads up to the point of today’s column; Elgin admitted on camera to sexual misconduct at best, and at worst sexual assault.  Though for transparency, these events took place in Canada and I don’t know what the burden of proof or the details needed to qualify these crimes.  These are crimes however by the standard of the Ohio Revised Code; the literal ‘rule-book’ of the State of Ohio.

The video below is from the Kevin Steen Show, and feature Steen interviewing Elgin.  Steen regularly interviewed many wrestlers on this show; with the presumption that everything was 100% a shoot (Note: aka real/the truth).

In the video below you will hear Steen (Note: Steen is WWE wrestler Kevin Owens) admit to hearing Elgin tell a story where he:

  • Takes a married woman and her friend back to his hotel to have sex.
  • Tosses the ‘friend’ to another wrestler, without asking her for her consent, so that he can have sex.
  • Follows the upset friend into the bathroom.
  • Admits to blocking the door of the bathroom so she can’t leave.
  • Badgers her into letting him urinate on her.
  • Refuses to stop when she tells him to.
  • Then collects money, as the urination portion was a bet.

Steen/Owens admits to hearing Elgin tell this story before, prior to the interview.  THAT’ CAN’T BE EMPHASIZED ENOUGH.  Steen/Owens admits to not hearing all of it at first, but he’s familiar enough to cringe when the story is brought up.

Here is the full story;



Why does an interview from so many years ago matter?  Well it’s because Elgin has a restraining order against him that is going through the courts.  The same woman from before, Moses Malone, filed one and it was denied.  It was denied because Malone could not show proof that Elgin was the one sending messages to her online.

Elgin claimed this as a victory.

(Note: Order of Protections are the formal name for restraining order).

This leads us to several weeks ago.  During a discussion, a group of far-right leaning conspiracy theorists sent me a video with no title, and no explanation and demanded I watch it.  I did not.  The video – apparently – was Elgin doing an interview where he denied the charges against him and was thankful the restraining order was dismissed.

(*Note: I was informed of the contents of the video through the proceeding hours of harassment by this mob*)

This lead into a several hour long barrage of them accusing me every which way they could of being against Elgin only to get in Moses’ pants.   Again, I don’t know her and I’m pretty certain I’ve never tweeted her.  We’ve had no conversations that I can recall, and I’m in no place to be her champion.  This isn’t about her.  This is about Elgin, and showing the truth to the world.  Nothing more.  Nothing less.

During the barrage of accusations against me, Elgin himself chimed in to defend himself in one tweet.

I then respond with;



Needless to say, he blocked me.

But here’s where it gets interesting.  One of the zealots who believe beyond all reason that Elgin is being falsely accused because of the #MeToo movement, went out and did my job for me by asking him to clarify the comments he made in the aforementioned video.   She then sent these on Twitter to me, because she doesn’t get how damning these will ultimately be.

As you can see from the texts to the left, Elgin denies this story to be true, and cites another wrestler for telling it.  No name was ever given during this exchange.  He also adds a random third girl into the story, when originally there were only two.

Details are vague, names are suspiciously omitted and he contradicts himself by saying “sex lives should be private”, yet on the video in question this isn’t the first story he’s told.  He also brags about tweeting out ‘sex facts’ in more than one interview.

And here is where things get bad.  Either 1) Elgin is telling the truth, and that this story is a lie.  Which means Elgin has no problem lying to further his career.  Elgin admits to telling the story only so he could look cooler. It also paints Kevin Steen/Owens as a liar, as Steen/Owens outright says that he’s heard Elgin tell the story before.  It tarnishes his credibility as well.   If we can’t believe Elgin is telling the truth in a ‘shoot’ interview, then why should we believe his words now?

Or 2) He’s lying and the story he told to Steen/Owens is in fact the real version.  One that mind you, we can research.  He outright states the show happened in Timmins, Ontario with Monty Brown being on the show.  This would make the exact date of the described assault as March, 6th, 2006.  All the names mentioned in the interview, Tarantula Gomez, Monty Brown, Eric Young, Cody Deaner and others, were on this show.  All were mentioned.

In his revised statement?  No names, no details.

Which do you believe?  The long winded, ten-plus minute story full of details, information and corroborating statements from Kevin Steen/Owens?  Or the “statement” sent via DM’s from Elgin, discrediting his own integrity and honesty?

Do I believe Elgin contains the necessary things within him to do awful things?  Yes.  Do I believe that Malone’s restraining order has merit? Yes.  Do I believe that Michael Elgin covered up Sean Orleans and his assault on Malone?  Yes.

Do I believe Elgin is a bad person, who is now covering his tracks as the walls close in around him?

You bet your fucking ass.

I stand open to the possibility that I’m wrong.  I let the evidence and actions of a person dictate to me their worth.  I let those things determine if they’re honest and trustworthy or snakes looking to avoid their comeuppance.  It wouldn’t be hard to destroy Elgin in court with that video and his response to it.

Until I see different evidence, that isn’t an Elgin statement contradicting himself, I will subscribe to the idea that Elgin is in fact a terrible human being and should be black-balled from the industry immediately.