Disgraced Ex-Pro Wrestler Finds Second Career in Boxing and More Wrestling News

Let’s go back to 2014 and 2015 when Lucha Underground was introducing the world to King Cuerno, Fenix, Pentagon and others.  The El Rey product was instrumental in launching or re-launching the careers of many stars.  One, who was as big as they came at the time was Sexy Star.

Sexy Star was a big star in Mexico but the notoriety and publicity of working as a top star in the U.S. at the time launched her to new heights.  Yet, in 2017 that would all come crashing down.  She agreed to return to AAA that year but only as champion, which lead to head booker Vampiro screwing over Taya Valkyrie, the then champ.  After being unceremoniously given the belt, she then almost broke Rosemary’s arm in a legit shoot submission.  The IMPACT star suffered only minor irritation and inflammation but the injury could’ve been much worse.

This spot actually lead to a confrontation between Jeff Jarrett and Vampiro, one that escalated and made both companies look bad.  Due to the fallout of the match, the Jarrett controversy and the strained relationship, Anthem opted to fire Jarrett not long after.

Needless to say the shockwaves this caused are still felt today.

Well we’re talking about Sexy Star because she has agreed to work for Alberto El Patron’s Combate America’s promotion but not as a wrestler, as a boxer.  She’s currently 5-0 in the ring, something she has sought to pursue for years, even getting out of her Lucha Undeground deal after season two to chase the dream.  She returned to AAA while on hiatus from her boxing training in 2017.  So this isn’t a new career goal.

Her popularity took a hit, but she’s fairly popular in Mexico, so she might succeed at the career change even if it’s only a bunch of soft-nobodies she’s defeating.  Let’s just hope she avoids anymore situations like the ones she’s become known for.

In Other News…

Paige continues to double down on the stupid.  Yesterday she incurred the wrath of fans after she blamed them, and not the WWE for holding back women for all these years.  Yet, when confronted about her revisionist history, Paige doubled down, saying;

Absolutely you guys did. We loved that. But riddle me this, what about when the bra and panties matches were happening? Or when Michelle McCool, Gail Kim etc were busting their asses why wasn’t there an uproar then? All I’m saying is.. it’s a two way street.

Except, again, that’s not true.  Fans were burning in anger with the McCool/Mickie James stuff.  Fans were salivating over Gail Kim and Awesome Kong’s matches of the year. Fans, in 2005, were demanding TNA start their then-unnamed-women’s division.   Fans had for years demanded better.  And they only used the women’s match as a ‘piss-break’ because we knew it wasn’t going to be good.  Why would it be? They had three minutes and six months prior they were fitness models.  So Paige has done a great job making herself look like a fucking goober.

Jay Lethal gets what’s going on in ROH.  Despite the GM of the company saying it’s not a rebuilding year, the champion himself disagrees.   While talking to Sporting News, Lethal said;

I feel that Ring of Honor has always been in the rebuilding phase.  Ring of Honor, in all the time I’ve known it, it’s never been fully settled. It’s always in this rebuilding phase because other rosters out there constantly pluck from the Ring of Honor roster to make their roster better. Look at all of the companies out there and their champions. Most of them came through and from Ring of Honor.

I think the winning formula is you don’t try and replace those guys. How do you replace The Young Bucks? How do you replace a Cody Rhodes or an AJ Styles? That hole in your tapestry is going to be there, but you have to have sense enough to know that hole leaves some character. That hole has done some great work and you don’t try to cover that up. It just adds character.

Ultimately, it’s the fans that win because this is going to lead to some fresh and cool things that not only did you not think were possible before, not only some things that you didn’t know you wanted to see until you saw them, but to keep fans interested, you have to give them something that they’ve never seen before.  With there being so many options for wrestlers, there’s so many options to give them something they’ve never seen before whether it’s two guys from different sides of the world that you never thought they’d be in the same ring because they’ve always worked for two separate companies. Now, there’s a dream match that we didn’t know would have been a dream match because it’s never been possible. The fans are going to be the ultimate winners and if the wrestlers can make a few extra bucks, kudos to them.

Quick Hits – Sean Ross Sapp has revealed that the plans for Monday’s NXT call-up’s were done so quickly without any foresight that it caught people off guardThe Young Bucks, like any rational pro wrestling fan, knew that Kenny Omega was never going to sign with the WWE.  Be it a work or the truth, Gail Kim revealed that the return to the ring isn’t full time; though she might just be playing that up until the episode airs.