WWE Wrestler Arrested Over Drunken Incident and More Wrestling News

The WWE is in the middle of a second ‘drunken-Uso-arrest’ story, this time though it’s more than just a DUI that Jey dealt with last year.

As the story goes, Naomi and her husband Jimmy were driving down a wrong-way street, and were pulled over because of it.  Naomi exited the vehicle, presumably upon police’s command and was answering questions with the officer when Jey got out of the car and confronted the officer in a physical manner, “squaring up” with him.  The situation was dissolved before things escalated, and was arrested.

The part of the story gets interesting is that Jimmy, just like his brother Jey, was driving around Detroit City while drunk.  Now, apparently Naomi was driving, though her sobriety has been called into question as well.  If Uso was in fact drunk in a car, that’s a big time offense.  Most states have a “open container” rule that applies to automobiles.  If someone has an open container of alcohol in the car, they could be arrested and charged easily.

What’s concerning about all this the audacity Jimmy has after his brother was arrested just last year.  It’s mind-boggling that you’d get drunk and drive around.  There isn’t an excuse for this, regardless or not if he was driving.

The WWe had just about zero, but not completely zero-fucks-to-give in their official statement on the matter, saying;

Jonathan Fatu is responsible for his own personal actions.

The WWE didn’t punish Randy Orton for gross sexual misconduct (and borderline sexual assault), so I don’t expect any punishment to be handed down.  The cycle will continue.

Why am I so callus about Jimmy?  This is his THIRD time getting arrested in 9 years, all for similar issues.  Alcohol, plus driving, plus an Uso, equals an arrest.  Jimmy already had a DUI charge, and then a 2013 arrest for driving with a suspended license.   Jimmy Uso has shown a wanton lack of respect for people by behaving in this manner.

The saddest part is, there is actually an angle online that is trying to spin this as if Naomi and Jimmy Uso want to get fired, so they can go to AEW.  Yet, this isn’t the way to accomplish that.

I have zero respect for people who drive under the influence.  There are numerous campaigns now about the dangers of driving while even just buzzed.  One campaign outright says you shouldn’t drive if you had A SINGLE drink.  Jimmy Usos clearly haven’t learned that lesson.

I don’t know what the punishment should be for a repeat offender like Jimmy, but it should be severe.   I’d drop him from the road, book his brother to get jobbed out, and relegate his wife to “..also, and…” status storyline wise.

Send a message family wide that this type of behavior will no longer be tolerated.  And if AEW has any balls, they won’t hire The Uso’s if they get fired.  They need rehab and counseling  before any of that happens.

In Other News…

Nick Aldis spoke recently to the Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling, and revealed that despite being walked to the ring at All In by Jeff Jarrett (among others), just before then he and Jarrett had a falling out; apparently over Jarrett’s issues.  Aldis is quoted as saying;

There was a time where Jeff and I didn’t speak for a long time and we had a pretty major incident and a pretty major falling out. I won’t go into all of the details but there was a major falling out between Jeff, Karen and myself and my wife. It pretty much completely changed our relationship up to then. It was me that said Jeff was having some personal problems later on that when we had our falling out that it was obviously a time in his life where I wasn’t aware of his problems at the time but he was suffering and he was an alcoholic. So I decided after he had been inducted into the Hall of Fame, I reached out to him and asked him, said there was no pay day but I’d really like it and it would mean a lot to me if he was part of my entourage and walked me to the ring at All In because it is a testament to you. You helped teach me to be ready and he did it. Once I explained it that way to Nick and Matt (Jackson) that we have a chance here to set a precedent because I don’t know what there(SIC*) beef with him was or that situation because that’s not my business. I said this is your show and the whole point of All In is saying it can be done. Lets stop being so petty and silly and what better way to exemplify that than to say we even allowed Jeff Jarrett to be here. The past is the past and we are all in this together and once I explained it to them like that they said absolutely and now the relationship is back to where it was now and the Bucks are happy so everyone is happy.

I want to be very clear, we are very big fans of Jarrett, and in no way are we posting this to put Jarrett down for having his issues.  We’re beyond excited to see him on television again and doing well.


In bizarre news, The Undertaker is heading to Starrcast II according to Sports Illustrated.  This is Undertaker’s first non-WWE associated wrestling event in probably close to thirty years.  So this is a big deal.


Quick HitsKiller Kross confirmed to Interactive Wrestling Radio that the WWE was and is interested in him, but he’s committed to IMPACT, for now.  Ivelisse confirmed a long rumored story about her to Fightful, that she was supposed to start with IMPACT Wrestling last year; though she now added that she didn’t because of the Lucha Underground contract – and ergo the lawsuit.   NJPW talent will have a hard time getting into the states for a bit, as their United States Visa’s were collectively discontinued.  The U.S. updated their Visa’s and NJPW did not update their talents; instead using theirs from two years prior.  While talking with David Penzar, Buff Bagwell revealed that Eric Bischoff wanted to “kill off” Bagwell in a fake plane crash and not tell anyone; then having Bagwell show up at Halloween Havoc as a ghost.