Major ‘Flash’ Star Rumored to Be Leaving Show and More Nerd News!

It looks like the sixth season of The Flash might see some shake ups.  A new rumor from We Got This Covered claims that Cisco Ramon may be leaving Central City.  Ramon’s actor, Carlos Valdes is apparently looking to exit the show, seemingly implying his contract isn’t up just yet.

This isn’t that surprising, as his story lines have been relatively uninspired throughout the last few years, and that might be due to bad writing, thus prompting his desire to leave or it might be because he’s phoning it in, and is fed up with the show.

That’s merely speculation on my part, and is in no way what is happening.  He may just want a new challenge for all we know and will miss the show dearly.  It’s all conjecture until we get an official word one way or another; and even then it won’t be years until we know the truth.

In Other News…

Despite being a mild disappointment in the box office, word is abound with a potential new Power Rangers film.  Hasbro CEO, Brian Goldner told those on a company financial call that a new film might be in the works with Paramount Studios.  The series is in a revival era of sorts on Paramount’s sibling outlet, Nickelodeon.  Both Paramount and Nickelodeon are part of Viacom.

In Other NewsAccording to Bandai Namco and Toei Animation, the Dragon Ball Franchise drew the company over one billion in revenue last year.  The initial report claims the figures are in dollars and not yen, which have a huge difference in value, with the dollar being worth more.  Despite getting mixed reviews for Aladdin’s live action trailer, and most of their live action remakes of classic films being largely average and forgettable,  MovieHole claims that Nightmare Before Christmas might be getting a live-action remake as well.