Court Dismisses Case Against NJPW’s Michael Elgin and More Wrestling News

In 2017, a *woman by the name of Moses Malone made public allegations against Michael Elgin for covering up an alleged sexual assault against Malone.  Malone brought the attention to light and many companies cut ties with Elgin, shockingly though not New Japan.

(*Let it be acknowledge that I incorrectly referenced her as an indy worker)

The hate was so bad that the then titled War Machine, now War Raiders in NXT became big opponents of Elgin’s in real life.  The duo would chastise him whenever they could, and started to get really upset when distasteful comments Elgin made about his then-partner Jeff Cobb were made public.

Elgin was accused of harassing Malone through social media, making threats against her, and lying to her about the state of his marriage – telling her that he and his wife were ‘swingers’ and that she was cool with him sleeping with Malone.

This turned out to be a lie.

Sometime back, Malone filed an Order of Protection, otherwise known as a restraining order, against Elgin.  The judge ruled that there was not enough evidence to award the order against Elgin, as there is no definitive proof he was harassing her, due to the anonymity of the internet.

The judge, as she states, did not rule she was lying, or that she was ever untruthful, just that she did not meet the burden of proof needed.  Elgin took to Twitter to celebrate the dismissal, keenly unaware of why he won the decision. He tweeted the following;

After he posted his statement, Malone followed up with her own, saying;


This issue has been long ongoing, and the amount of information Alex Swisher and myself have spoken about and shared is too bountiful to recap here, in such a tight space.  Here’s what I know, I believe Elgin is a bad guy.  From the shoot interviews he does, to the way he talks about women, to just about everyone who I know who has worked with him; he’s just scum.

So knowing what I know, hearing what I’ve heard, and seeing her allegations, I firmly believe he is in fact capable of being a lying sack of scum.

We talked about this in great lengths last year, and you can find some of the content here.  We covered it a few times on various shows, but for the life of me I can’t find the rest of them.

In Other News…

Mr. Overly Expressive Face Boy Pat McAfee has announced he’s officially signed a multi-year deal to be a WWE commentator.  Prior to that he worked as a special guest pre-show analyst on a ‘as-needed-basis’.  McAfee is one of the many former pro sport athletes joining the WWE these days, having been a punter for a bit in the NFL.

WWE reported the highest earnings for a full year in 2018, after they worked Saudi Arabia, became a national tourist ad for the corrupt Saudi Government and refused to cancel a show after the same government murdered a journalist in another country who was critical of the Suadi regime.   Fuck their financial windfalls, they’re corrupt, crocked, evil people.

Quick Hits – ROH has revealed a Festival of Honor for the sold out ROH/NJPW G1 Supercard at MSG on April 6th, in New York City.  Tommaso Ciampa and Ricochet are claiming that Halftime Heat was the “most watched” match in NXT history, but there are no numbers to support that, just claims.