Chris Jericho Nearly Signed With IMPACT, MMA Legend to Pro Wrestling? and More!

In IMPACT news, apparently AEW’s Chris Jericho was a lot closer to joining IMPACT Wrestling than many realize.  Jericho was super complimentary of the promotion and put over the brand, and it’s executives in a recent episode of his Talk is Jericho podcast.   When talking about IMPACT, Jericho is quoted as saying;

I’ve been really impressed by IMPACT over the past year. I thought Don Callis and Scott D’Amore have really turned things around in that company. I really, really enjoy it, and I even thought long and hard about doing some shows there. I even had a meeting with Scott and Don in Toronto with Ed Nordholm; the offer they made was a great offer. That’s something funny, when I hear ‘all of these companies are vying for talent, free agents—WWE, AEW, New Japan, Ring Of Honor, MLW—dude, what about IMPACT? They’ve got money. They were going to spend some money on Chris Jericho. We had some great matches planned—Jericho versus Sami Callihan, Johnny Impact, Brian Cage—Rich Swann. I’d love to work with Rich Swann.

So, I honestly did talk to IMPACT and really, really thought about going there, and then Tony Khan came in with this offer, that’s the biggest offer I’ve ever been offered in my career. Then you have to stop and think—if you’re going to get this offer, you’re going to have some real focus. As big as the [Young Bucks] and Cody [Rhodes] are, Hangman Page, all of the guys that were ‘earmarked’ to go to All Elite, even if Kenny went there—he hasn’t yet—what if he did? There’s a lot of different ways this can go, and when Tony puts the money where the mouth is, now I really have to think, ‘do I really want to make this jump?

While IMPACT did lose out on the Hall of Famer’s talents, to hear him gush and put over IMPACT, it’s a really nice thing to hear.  Maybe IMPACT and AEW will have a working relationship, something both brands have preached for.

For those worried about the companies future after a rumored attempt to sell to AEW’s Tony Khan, the company is full bore ahead.  The promotion is returning to the Rebel Entertainment Complex in Canada according to PWInsider.  That’ll probably be the next location for a ppv, and will happen in April.  Due to the size of the venue, it’s unlikely they bring back Lockdown.

It’s also reported that IMPACT has eyes on Chicago, a town they’ve done very well in, and Philadelphia for future shows.  I’ve heard the brand really wants to be back in the 2300 Arena, a place they’ve been only a few times prior.  The 2300 Arena is of course the former home of ECW.

Finally in IMPACT news, Johnny Impact is taking the IMPACT World Title to Canada’s Alpha-1 Wrestling, and will defend it against MLW and AEW star MJF as well as IMPACT Wrestling’s Ethan Page.

According to Fightful, it appears as though the Revival are sick of toiling away.  Dash and Dawson are apparently wanting out of the WWE an apparent ‘situation’ went down on Monday.  The duo didn’t ask for their release, necessarily, but this is being addressed internally.  Sources within the WWE, according to Fightfgul, are under the assumption they want out to go to AEW, which makes sense.  To further shed light, on this, Dash Wilder applied for a trademark on FTR, which stands for ‘Fuck the Revival’, a recurring joke on the Being the Elite YouTube series.

In Other News….

World of Sport fans may soon get their second season.  The brand is going on tour in the first part of this year, and will be bringing the first season of their revival to DSports in India, the Star Times in various African countries, to Fightklub in Poland, and across the rest of the world via the French video service, DailyMotion.  There are apparently a possibility it’ll come to the USA as well.  The tour is going form Friday the 18 to February 3rd, and is being headlined by Joe Hendry, Will Osprey, Robbie X, Grado, Sha Samuels and Kay Lee Ray, though Ray may no longer be on the show.  They’re also advertising Viper, who like Ray, is expected to start in WWE’s NXTUK brand shortly.
In the world of the bizarre, MMA legend, and former UFC Heavyweight Champion Fran Mir is making his pro wrestling debut at Josh Barnett’s Bloodsport event over WrestleMania weekend.  Mir has never wrestled in a professional sense, so this will be interesting.  The event was named after Matt Riddle before he sold out and went to the WWE.  Barnett is a semi-active pro wrestler, and even made appearances in IMPACT in 2017 challenging for the World Championship against Lashley.  The event will feature a ring with no ropes, and will see grapplers and strikers like Tom Lawlor, Johnathan Gresham, and Timathy Thatcher all compete.
Speaking of Tom Lawlor, he won’t be at Black Label Pro’s event over WrestleMania Weekend due to contractual obligations.
Tama Tonga has told Fightful that Hikuleo will return from injury next month to NJPW and join the Bullet Club.