What Should Be the Headlining Match for Double or Nothing?

Let me be clear, I’m not saying this is the main event.  I believe the main event will be the end of a title tournament at the event, probably Cody Rhodes vs. Kenny Omega, or Hangman Page vs. Britt Baker, because I could see them doing something dumb.

So without a guaranteed main event, you need a featured match that fans can buy into, even if it’s not the main event . So what two stars could be a big enough deal that would draw people in, but not need to be the main event/  What two guys have such name value, personal history and historical relevancy to the business, without taking away names from the title tournament?

It’s pretty obvious if you’re paying attention to news and rumors.

That’s right, and I mean this with all sincerity possible.  It should absolutely be Chris Jericho vs. Goldberg.  The match works on several levels, and here’s why.

Firstly, neither man needs to be in the title scene to start.  The title tournament should be about the guys who are going to be regularly featured.  At best, I don’t see either man wrestling more than a dozen times for the promotion in a given year, if more than once.  So neither man is needed to pump up the title tournament, and you’re not taking anyone away from the tournament either to have a guarantee match to promote.

Secondly, there’s a natural and twenty year feud that exists with these men.  Dating back 21 years prior, when both men were in WCW together, they’ve had issues.  Sure, it doesn’t exist in a real sense today, but that doesn’t erase their history.  They met up again in 2003 for a feud and match,  then they again tussled a bit in 2016-2017 during Kevin Owen’s feud with Goldberg (remember that?).    So there’s a ready made feud.

Thirdly, it’d draw.  Both men still have legs as a headliner.  Goldberg proved that just two years ago after returning to the WWE.  Jericho has headlined, and been involved in some of the biggest non-WWE show since leaving the WWE, and many of them were as successful as they were in part because of Jericho.

With the uncertainty of a main event in this scenario, this is the best bet.  Goldberg vs. Jericho wouldn’t need to be a mat classic.  Just do what Jericho’s been doing in recent years and do a no-holds-barred affair.  You can milk 12-15 minutes out of the match, without going over the top and wasting too many big spots before necessary.

So what do you think? Should Jericho and Goldberg be the big feature match to promote the event?  Let me us know on Twitter at NerdCorp.