Zombieland 2 to Feature Mini-Ghostbuster Reunion? Big Get for Bruce Campbell and More!

In a bit of a tone change from WrestleCorp’s post, we’re going to start with the ‘hype’ first.  Rumors have it, according to Geeks WorldWide, Zombieland 2 will feature a mini Ghostbuster’s reunion.  The film, which sees Woody Harrelson, Emma Stone, Abigail Breslin and Jesse Eisenberg all return will see another cameo from Bill Murray.  This time however, he’ll be joined by Ghostbuster alum Dan Aykroyd.  The outlet isn’t known for it’s refutable nature in breaking stories; as this is the first major one I can think they broke.  So as always, take this with a grain of salt.


Congrats go out to Bruce Campbell.  The former star of the Evil Dead films and t.v. series, as well as the co-star to the critically acclaimed t.v. series Burn Notice and his scene stealing cameo roles in the Sam Rami Spider-Man films has a new and big gig.  The actor has been announced as the new host for the revival of Ripley’s Believe it or Not! television series.   The series will be revived on The Travel Channel.


As Aquaman inches closer to $1 billion in global box office sales, another DCEU film is getting ready to drop as well.  Shazam! is set for April 5th (WrestleMania weekend), but we won’t have to wait as long for another look at the film.  A new trailer is expected out on January 19th, which should give us a bigger and better idea as to what the film will hold.  As someone who’s loved Zachary Levi in all his forms since Chuck, I’m beyond excited for this film.


I’m by no means at the top of the expert pool here, but this isn’t going to go Allison Mack’s way.  Mack is currently embroiled with the NXVIM sex-trafficking case and is considered the second biggest target by prosecutes behind Keith Raniere.  Mack has been accused of a multitude of sex crimes from extortion, to branding.  The case is pretty slam-dunk for the prosecution at this point; as there are numerous witnesses, testimonies and incriminating evidence against those involved.  Mack’s lawyer’s, in a move that I can only assume is designed to lesson the eventual blow against her are filing a dismissal for the forced labor charges.  In the state of New York, one can get 40 years for a forced labor conviction.

Mack is currently looking at another 25 if convicted of the sex-based crimes as well.  And these are just for single charges.  Assuming Mack is facing more than one one count for each charge, a judge could order her to serve 25 years for each count against her.  Mack is in serious hot-water and I wouldn’t be shocked at all if a plea deal is struck.