IMPACT’s Newest ‘For Sale’ Rumors May Be Old News, IMPACT Star Retires, WWE Continues to Spiral Downward and More!


This is obviously the big story, so let’s break this down piece by piece.  Let’s start with the original source, which is Davey Boy Meltzer himself.  Meltzer wrote that “there were forces attempting to sell IMPACT Wrestling” to the group creating All Elite Wrestling.  This is alleged to be some time back, as it was prior to All Elite filing trademarks.  It’s safe to say that this is an old story.

The context implies that Anthem want’s out of the wrestling game.   However this isn’t a new report, necessarily.   Last year around this time, after Jeff Jarrett relapsed and the merger between Global Force and then TNA/IMPACT fell apart, Anthem was looking to get rid of IMPACT then (allegedly).   There were reports that Ring of Honor and Billy Corgan had been contacted.  Who’s to say that was all there was?

More to the point, as Christopher McManus pointed out, things have changed drastically for Anthem in the following year.  McManus cites Meltzer by saying;

The report from Dave Meltzer stated that with The Fight Network losing UFC at the beginning of the year, Anthem still has good reason to keep IMPACT around.


This may explain why instead of selling IMPACT they went and refocused on improving it by bringing in Scott D’Amore and Don Callis, and relocating it to Toronto.  This is also a promotion that continues to sign talent to new deals, book international trips and are still actively pursuing better TV deals.


I believe this is an old report that is now juts getting kicked up by someone, and relaying it to Dave Meltzer.  Was there someone in Anthem who reached out to All Elite Wrestling?  Maybe.  But the fact that they’re not looking to unload it to whomever is telling.
Think about Ring of Honor and New Japan right now.  Both promotions are about to lose some of the top draws in the industry.  If Anthem was looking to sell IMPACT, they would of sold IMPACT.   More than likely this wasn’t about acquiring IMPACT as it was about getting equity in it with new money.


Hopefully I’m right and this is all much ado about nothing.  Here’s to Homecoming.

In other IMPACT news, this is more specific though, Joe Hendry is done with pro wrestling.  While it’s not out right stated, this is probably the cause to why he hasn’t been booked recently.   On Defiant Wrestling’s 3rd episode of Loaded, Hendry announced he was walking away from pro wrestling to pursue his MMA goals, saying;


He who tries to have it all ends up with nothing.  I’m 30 years old. I’ve got some goals to achieve. If CM Punk can compete in the UFC then why can’t Joe Hendry? Maybe it’s time to go down the mixed martial arts route. I’m a two-time British amateur wrestling champion, and I know it’s possible. Whether it’s UFC, Bellator or BAMMA, this is something I can do. I want every single one of you to come with me.

Hendry got big exposure over on WhatCulture, doing videos for them while wrestling and competing.  He signed on with their wrestling promotion, which has gone from WhatCulture Pro Wrestling to Defiant Wrestling.  He then signed on with World of Sport and IMPACT Wrestling and started to gain pretty big traction.   For him to make a switch to MMA at the peak of his pro wrestling career is risky but admirable.  Good luck, Joe.

Switching gears to All Elite/The Elite news, Chris Jericho recently talked about the fact that Neville/PAC was in fact pursued for All In.   During a conversation with Sami Zayn,  Chris Jericho said on his podcast;


They tried to get him to go to ALL IN, like, over-the-top, and he wouldn’t do it.  He wanted to make his debut for Dragon Gate.
This makes sense, as PAC has long been associated with Dragon Gate prior to his WWE run.


In news that may be Cody Rhode’s trolling, or hinting at the alleged All Elite Wrestling news, Cody debuted a new lifting belt that he’ll wear at WrestleKingdom and if you look closely, the Jaguars logo can be seen incorporated into the belt.  This is news because Tony Khan, son of Jacksonville Jaguars owner Shahid Khan is allegedly the financial backer for AEW.  January 1st is supposed the day we’ll get the first inkling of news but we’ll see.



On to Major League Wrestling news, the company has announced that Teddy Hart has formally signed a contract with the promotion, that should limit his availability elsewhere.  Court Bauer, MLW’s owner, commented on the signing, by saying;

I love a good comeback story.  Teddy has lived up to his end and has brought it in every match. He’s hands down one of the most talented wrestlers of his generation and his commitment to MLW has been exceptional so we’re committing to him.

Teddy had been known as being hard to work with, and being unreliable, which ended stints in IMPACT Wrestling, WWE and Ring of Honor, so it’s good to see Hart getting the chance. He is obviously the nephew of Bret Hart and is currently in a group with his cousin Davey BoyJr. and family friend Brian Pillman Jr., who’s father Brian Pillman Sr. was part of the Hart Foundation back in 1997.


WWE’s turnaround may not happen with the current regime.  Usually a strong offering for the company, The Madison Square Garden post-Christmas show is always a big gate for the promotion.  However, the 20,000+ seat venue wasn’t even at half capacity this year, with barely 12,000 fans in attendance.  This continues the streak of failed-sell out attempts at their home arena, something that should be seen as a troubling, but in conjunction with the next piece of news, is downright terrifying.

The WWE’s flagship show RAW had it’s lowest rating ever for RAW on Christmas Eve. “But Chad!”, you shout expecting me to care.  “It’s Christmas! The ratings are supposed to be low!”  And you’d be right, voices in my head.  However, last year’s


When you lose a million viewers over a year, coupled with poor tickets at a guarantee hit?   The New Era sure smells like the old one.

In minor news, Pat McAfee has re-signed with WWE, and will continue to serve as a pre-show mouth piece for NXT Takeover events and other WWE duties.  According to Wrestlezone; he announced the deal on his show.  I didn’t know he had a show, so there’s that.


WWE has formally offered me a multi-year contract.  Who knows what we’re going to be doing over there, they just want me to come make some content. And we’ll see where it goes.

…I am very excited for this.  This is a dream come true.