Vince Irate – Again, Major News on Potential Elite Promotion and More!


According tot he Wrestling Observer Radio show, Vince McMahon was said to be furious with the dud that was Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose at last night’s TLC event.  The match was marred with a bland story, a crowd that turned on it, and two announcers that kept bring up personal beefs with one another.  While I can’t comment on the show at large, the last few matches which I saw left a lot to be desired.  Vince McMahon is returning to RAW tonight to make a major announcement, and some have thought it might be a draft to shake things up.  That’ll only be a band aid for the product, as the entire booking needs to be overhauled.


Three names that won’t be in WWE anytime soon appear to be The Young Buck’s Matt and Nick Jackson and Hangman Page.  The trio left Ring of Honor after Final Battle alongside the Rhodes’ and Page has followed Cody’s lead by posting a message thanking ROH.

On the most recent edition of Being The Elite, The Buck’s also seemingly rejected the WWE in the most Elite way possible; by firing them.  The Bucks and company have been doing a bit over the last few months where “H” (Triple H) was gifting things to Page and others from afar as a way to get them to sign with the WWE.  The Bucks ended that story line by essentially Future Endeavoring the WWE.  For those not aware of the nomenclature, to future endeavor someone has become the WWE’s go to wording for firing them.  The boys tweeted out the video and Matt Jackson tweeted “Leaving the territory. See you on the other side”, to which Jim Ross replied saying, “See ya there….wherever the ‘other side’ might be.”

This seems to anyone with a pulse that the long rumored All Elite Wrestling is in fact happening, and Ross is on board as a talent.


Ring of Honor shouldn’t be too upset, as they agreed to terms on a deal that would make one of the top luchadores going, Bandido, exclusive to ROH.  A number of promotions were interested in Bandido, from the WWE to IMPACT and MLW, a report that is partially backed up by PWInsider who corroborated that the WWE was among the companies pursuing the lucha.    Bandido’s tag partner Flamita is also being pursued.  Bandido joins former WWE wrestler PCO and Brody King as the newest signings to the brand as they prepare to readjust and refocus following the departure of The Elite.