Ex-WWE Star Arrested Again, Major NWA News and More!


Major League Wrestling has announced that they have stripped Maxwell Jacob Friedman of his MLW Middleweight Championship.  His elbow was fractured a few weeks back and the company announced if he couldn’t return in time for the Miami tapings then they’d strip him of the belt.  The belt will be decided in a four way ladder match that MJF was originally meant to be in, and either Dezmond Xavier, Kotto Brazil, Andrew Everett or Jason Cade will walk out with the title.


In unfortunate news, Justin Credible has been arrested again after violating a protection order against him, as well as a breach of peace and for misdemeanor assault.  Credible’s ex had a protection order against him, and he now apparently lives with his family once again; hence the list of violations against him.   According to Ryan Satin, Credible walked away from WWE sponsored rehab.


In the closing moments of her segment at NWA’s 70th anniversary, Jazz told the audience all around the world that she wanted a shot at Nick Aldis’ NWA Worlds Championship.  However, according to NWA exec Dave Lagana this was a mistake on her part.  Apparently she was supposed to make a declaration, wanting her own version of the Ten Pounds of Gold .  The whole promo was to put over a brand new Women’s title for the brand, but Jazz apparently didn’t fully understand the promo, Lagana in talking to Fightful said;

She was supposed to demand her own ten pounds of gold.  I think it kind of got lost in translation and then the announcer harbored it home. We don’t really want to do intergender wrestling. You know, we just think its…. If there is something that can fight guys it’s definitely Jazz but that wasn’t the direction we want to take her. She was more supposed to stand up for… you know the lines we gave her…the direction was that she wanted her own ten pounds of gold which she does. The belt she has is not as good as the one Nick has. You know what I mean, and she believes she deserves one equally as good. So that was sort of the direction it was supposed to go and it’s all good.


The Becky Lynch drama is still ongoing.  Lynch has not been medically cleared to compete yet after Nia Jax stiffed her in a pre-Survivor Series brawl.  Dave Meltzer claims that Lynch has cleared the concussion portion of tests, but her fractured nasal cavity has not yet healed all the way.  Despite this fact, Lynch took to Twitter to pronounce that nothing would stop her from competing at TLC next Sunday.


In some minor news, WWE is interested in signing Rachel Ellering, Karen Q and ROH’s Beer City Bruiser.  Why they want Bruiser is anyone’s guess.


Finally, Ryan Satin posted a Tweet asking wrestlers to tell one unknown fact about themselves to the world that people don’t already know.  One of the ones that caught my eye came form longtime Chikara talent Gran Akuma.  Akuma is mostly retired these days, and revealed the influence on the industry he had.  Apparently Akuma designed the Chikara Championne de Parejas belts, otherwise known as the Tag Team Championships.