Site News: New IMPACT Wrestling Podcast Coming

Are you an IMPACT Wrestling fan?  Do you feel there aren’t enough good IMPACT podcasts?  Well starting next Wednesday, the 12th, at 9 p.m. EST, we at NerdCorp are bringing you a new take on an old concept.

The weekly IMPACT Recap show that aired for nearly two years on YouTube will be rebootd and brought over to Twitch.TV/RealNerdCorp at 9 p.m. ESTS.  Like the previous version, each episode of Making an IMPACT will review an episode of IMPACT!  This time however, it’ll be Chad and Zach of WrestleCorp Review taking over the reigns.  The new show will be all IMPACT all the time.

The show will be built around a retro review of an episode of IMAPCT!, starting with the premiere episode from 2004.   Each new episode will feature us review an retro edition of the long running show.  Eventually, when we get to November of 2004, we’ll star reviewing the old pay per views as well.  Though, that will obviously take some time to get there.

Each retro review will still feature the Three Count, the three good and three bad of each episode.  Unlike for WrestleCorp Review, where we’ve been reviewing the NWA-TNA weekly pay per views, we’ll only be reviewing one episode of classic IMPACT.  We’re making the change in order to reduce work load, and optimize our reviews.  No more tripping up or trying to digest nearly four hours of content per show.

On top of each episode we’ll also talk about current IMPACT Wrestling news from today, as well as conversations about modern IMPACT programming.

WrestleCorp Reviews is not going away, just going inactive for the interim.  There is a plan in place for that specific show; but now’s not the time to get into that.

As for the NWA-TNA reviews, I’ll be reviewing them still on my own.  You can see updates on these here on the site with each new posting of The Asylum Years.

WrestleCorp, ComicCorp, GameCorp and Oh, Hi! Oh, Guys…Podcast will remain unaffected and will air at the same times as usual.   Any comments, questions or concerns, please reach out to us on Twitter at @NerdCorp.