Is the 2nd Captain Marvel Trailer Any Good? Old Video Game and Toy Company Making a Comeback? and More!

The new Captain Marvel trailer is out and honestly, I couldn’t be more underwhelmed.  Which is a shame, because I love Brie Larson in most things.  The film does set up an intriguing premise of the Kree-Skrull War landing on Earth and getting humanity involved.  Yet, the special effects are…rough, like Justice League levels bad at times.  That and it’s going to be another entry level bad guy who dies.  It does have potential, and Larson should be really compelling, but I don’t think it looks good enough to draw me in.


In a generation where everything old is new again, and the 80’s are alive more than ever, it was only a matter of time before this happened.  We’re borrowing from WrestleCorp here, but pro wrestling superstars The Young Bucks have announced they’ll be getting retro action figures based off of them and apparently they’ll be getting them thanks to….LJN.  That’s right, the dreaded toy and video game company is coming back and will be making old school wrestling figures once again.  No word on the exact state of the company, or if this is an offshoot or what have you, but we’ll be getting Young Buck toys by LJN soon enough.


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Signed a deal with an old company that’s making a return. You might be familiar with ‘em? Coming soon… (Yes this is real.)

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While many believe a Superman game is coming, Warner Bros. Montreal let slip a photo of a developer wearing a black shirt, with a yellow owl logo on the back.  The owl logo does strike a striking resemblance to the Court of Owls logo from the Batman comics, so it’s entirely possible we’ll be getting another Batman game, and not a new Superman game after all.



In other video game news, Bethesda is starting to get how fucked they are after the disaster that is Fallout ’76.  There was a Power Armor Edition of the video game, that came with a canvas bag.  However, nylon versions were sent out instead, and Bethesda gave (about) five dollars worth of in game credit to make up for the disappointed fans.  Well Bethesda realized they can’t take any more bad press, so they ponied up the money and are doing what they originally promised by sending out the bags you already paid for.  Ain’t that noble?  You have to go to the site and show proof of purchase (screen capture of receipt will apparently do).  I’m not going to praise them for doing what they promised and neither should you.  They have a class action lawsuit pending for a reason, people.


In Fear the Walking Dead news, the fifth season has begun production and we now know some names are back.  Firstly Ruben Blades is back as Daniel Salazar, and he’ll be joined with Daniel Sharman returning as Troy Otto.  I stopped watching the show after they killed off Cliff Curtis’s Travis Manawa.


In Star Wars Episode IX news, a Reddit user is claiming that the Knights of Ren will finally appear in the last part of the modern trilogy.  It’s also rumored that Kylo Ren will also be getting his helmet back as well.  We’ll only  know how true this is when we get our first look at the trailer.