Pro Wrestling ‘Pop Up’ Show Announced, Jericho Gets into Legit Fight and More!

The NWA and Billy Corgan announced on their Ten Pounds of Gold (#43) that they’ll be holding the first ever “pop up” wrestling event in Clarksville, Tennessee, in conjunction with Tried ‘N True Wrestling.  The event will feature all three champions defending their belts; NWA Worlds Champion Nick Aldis, NWA National Heavyweight Champion Willie Mack and NWA Worlds Women’s Championship Jazz.  The event is set for January 5th and will also feature the first qualifying matches for the return of the Crockett Cup.  No other details, like what makes it a “pop-up” event have been announced.

Two major tag team records have been set in the last few days.  Firstly goes to Kyle O’Reily who has become the longest reigning NXT Tag Team Champion of all time.  He won the belts with Bobby Fish but he was replaced with Roderick Strong, thus making the honor only O’Reily’s to hold.  He’s held the belt for 386 days.   IMPACT Wrestling also gets to hold up their tag team champions of LAX (Santana and Ortiz) as the duo have surpassed the team of Beer Money for the longest reigning IMPACT (TNA) World Tag Team Titles.  That being said, they are still 30 days shy of America’s Most Wanted record of 250 days with the NWA World Tag Team Championships.  AMW’s reign happened when the promotion was using the NWA’s titles as their primary belts, so while it’s an IMPACT/TNA record, it is not the same as the IMPACT World Tag Team titles.   Their next major challenge will be Pentagon and Fenix at Homecoming in January.

Shane “Swerve” Strickland is heading to NXT but before he can he’ll need to finish up with Major League Wrestling in December and apparently…Lucha Underground as well.  His L-U contract, for whatever reason, is prohibiting Swerve, known in L-U as Killshot, from joining WWE’s developmental brand in January; this according to Mike Johnson of PWInsider.  Lucha Underground has shown in the past a willingness to release talent in order to let them go elsewhere, but who knows if this will be the same case here.  Swerve was written out of storylines during the previous fourth season.

Speaking of wrapping up with companies, it appears as if Rhyno might be done with the WWE.  He competed last night against Heath Slater where Slater came out the victor.  Because of his loss, Rhyno has been “fired” from RAW.  He’s still set for the South American tour, so it’s clear he’s not gone just yet.  According to people in attendance Rhyno claimed he was “retiring” from wrestling during a commercial break.  No word yet on if that’s true.

Silas Young spoke with Busted Open Radio and revealed to them why he opted to return to ROH over going to the WWE, saying;

What it came down to is, I wanted to stay with ROH because what we’re doing is this really great thing. The freedom we’re given to be ourselves and take chances is huge. A big piece of it is believing in a company that believed in me. Considering the fact that WWE, they are arguably the top of the game, but there’s only so many spots there. They have so many guys under contract. I decided to go with the sure bet and the team that’s backed me forever.

According to Dave Meltzer, Chris Jericho got into a fight last night in Canada after a Fozzy show.  A drunk man tried to get onto the bus, and started a fight with a member of the crew.  After the crew member broke his collarbone, Jericho apparently jumped in and tried to fight the man.  Jericho apparently engaged with him more than once, walking away only to return later.  The man who started all this eventually ran from authorities before being apprehended and arrested.