Young Bucks Talk Fans Turning on Them, WWE Breaking The Law to Sign Wrestlers? and More!

The Young Bucks are known for their wild wrestling style, rebellious attitude and part of the super popular Elite group.  Fans have flocked to them in droves because of their counter culture style and personalities.  Ranging from embracing Dave Meltzer’s legacy and shouting catchphrases like “Fuck the Revival”, fans have backed them like few other groups.  So it’s not surprising that fans are totally against them going to the WWE.  When talking to the Wrestling Perspective Podcast they revealed just that, saying;

Nick: We noticed a lot of fans were turning on us because they look to us as influencers, and as a sign of hope, so when rumors were circulating [about going to the WWE] and they still are to be honest, it breaks their hearts. 

Matt: It concerns us too,.  We don’t want to make the wrong decision on what we do career wise. We are always thinking about our fans because it is how we got to this point in our careers.

It makes us think though, well, do you like us mostly because we don’t work [for WWE]? Therefore, you wouldn’t like us if we went there? What is the main reason you like us? I think a lot of it is the rebel they see in us as the wrestlers.  They see us as the guys that are different, and if we go [to WWE] would they see us like everybody else?

Big Bad Davey Boy-Davey-Big-Bad-Big-Boy Meltzer revealed recently that Hulk Hogan is nearing a WWE contract.  Meltzer is very clear to make mention that Hogan isn’t expected to wrestle at all, and that he’d be returning to his ambassador role again.

Jake Hager (Jack Swagger) has announced that he’ll make his Bellator debut at arguably the biggest event in the company’s history.  Bellator 214 will see Hager take on JW Kiser.  This event will be huge not just because of Hager’s pending debut, but also for the fact it’ll see Ryan Bader take on Fedor Emelianenko for the newely created Bellator World Heavyweight Championship.

When Silas Young rejected the WWE and re-signed with Ring of Honor, many fans were surprised but happy.  Why would Young reject the WWE, his once stated dream destination?  Well in talking with PWInsider, he revealed just that, saying;

To be quite honest with you.  The idea of WWE for every guy is a dream for everybody who’s ever wrestled or starts wrestling, they have that dream. I won’t lie, it was my dream. It was my goal, but at some point, as you grow and you mature as a person, the wrestler realizes that that top of the mountain, the peak, isn’t always the top of the mountain or it’s not that shiny. I’m really happy with the decision I’ve made.

On the heels of WWE signing Jonah Rock, Dave Meltzer reported that the WWE had been accused of contract tampering.  The WWE have allegedly tried to negotiate with talents who are under exclusive deals, and this isn’t their first time doing it.  They did the same thing with Kyle O’Reily and Adam Cole with Ring of Honor. Now the WWE isn’t too worried, the industry isn’t as strictly monitored as say, the National Football League.  The only dogs big enough to throw down with the WWE legally speaking are Ring of Honor and New Japan Pro Wrestling; assuming you look at their parent companies.  In fact, ROH’s parent company is Sinclair Broadcasting, a group that dwarfs the WWE in every field.   AS Joe Koff is a member of the higher ups of Sinclair, it’s not out of the realm that he could convince the company to take the WWE to court.  A court victory over the WWE, and a massive fine would make Ring of Honor a real player; simply for the headlines alone.   That being said, don’t expect anyone to do anything as of yet, not until or unless a contract has been broken