Rey Mysterio on if Son Will Wear Mask, Shawn Michaels is Not Getting Out of NXT and More!

Welcome back after a nice reduced schedule to end the Thanksgiving break, but we’re back in full swing starting with Rey Mysterio.  Rey recently talked to Lilian Garcia and talked about his son Dominic’s blossoming career.  In speaking to Garcia, Rey revealed that Dominic is training in Florid and even worked with ROH World Champion Jay Lethal to start.  He has since moved on to Canada to work with Lance Storm in a three month training session.  It looks like according to this interview that Rey has gotten Dominic involved in Booker T’s Reality of Wrestling organization, saying;

He is done November 30th where he comes home and then we move on to phase three, which is up in the air but it’ll begin early next year in January of 2019. I talked with Booker T already to set him up in Houston, Texas with Reality of Wrestling, or Mexico City to pick up some Lucha Libre style.

He also revealed that Domini essentially can’t wear a mask, saying;

No, I don’t think he wants to [wear a mask]. He has something special to do with the mask just to represent and to pretty much honor his father.  But I think since he was known already when doing this as a kid and we post pictures together it is kind of hard…

In other news,  Cody Rhodes and Joey Ryan took part in a thumb wrestling match in Australia for the IWGP United States title.  The bout was at the United Series Wrestling event.  The two are nursing injuries with Cody dealing with a meniscus tear in his knee, while Ryan is dealing with a pectoral tear.  They decided to have some fun since they couldn’t work a full match much to the delight of the crowd.

Edge and Christian’s E&C Pod of Awesomeness brought on Shawn Michaels for their latest episode and Michaels revealed that he’s working on the creative side for NXT, having written some episodes.

To [Triple H] and I, clearly, [NXT] is his baby, but I mean, I’m all in. Yeah, they’ve got me hook, line, and sinker. And it’s funny because he kind of hired me like, ‘just stick your big toe in and see how you like it. Just do a couple of times a week.’ And then, of course, whatever it is, two years later, I’m full scale helping to write TVs and doing it all!  I’m so far in, there’s no way I’m getting out and I have no desire to get out because it’s a blast. It really is.

In some downer news, Major League Wrestling star Maxwell Jacob Friedman (MJF) has revealed he has a fractured elbow and is expected to miss 4-6 weeks according to his official Twitter account.  MJF is a rising star in the industry.

In the “what’s wrong with wrestling” conversation, Kevin Sullivan spoke on Sean Waltman’s X-Pac 12360 podcast and revealed that social media is sabotaging wrestlers ability to generate real heat anymore.  While former WWE Light Heavyweight Champion Gillberg spoke to the Completely Damaged Radio podcast and he thinks part of the issue is a lack of jobbers.  Which is odd, because this is one of the three best periods of business globally in thirty years.

Finally in some awesome news, Leva Bates cosplayed as a member of the Class 1A of U.A. High in a title match for Real Heavy wrestling.