David Arquette Has Neck Sliced Wide Open at GCW Event

I tweeted out at WrestleMania that Joey Janela, who had only just heard about, was a shit for piledriving a fan on concrete for the “lolz”.  Turns out he and Game Changer Wrestling will have a lot to answer to today.

Last night during Game Changer Wrestling’s Joey Janela’s LA Confidential, legendary shit-bag wrestler Nick Gage nearly killed David Arquette.  No, this isn’t a click bait title, nor is this an over exaggeration.  During Arquette’s death match (if only WCW fans circa 2000 could see you know), Gage broke a light tube over Arquette’s head, before inexplicably digging it into his neck as Arquette took him over to the ground; cutting his neck mere millimeters from his jugular.

Arquette, realizing he was gushing blood, tried to end the match twice only for Gage to kick out both times.  After that, Arquette sought medical attention at ringside only to find Game Changer and Janela didn’t have ringside doctors.  Arquette thought for a moment about ending the match but went in and tried to get Gage to pin him.  With the exception of no doctors ring side for a DEATH MATCH, everything at this point is forgivable and understandable.

But things get worse.  After Arquette gets in the ring Gage watches Arquette drop to the mat in order for Gage to pin him.  Gage didn’t and instead tried to use more weapons on Arquette.  Arquette then got up, grabbed a chair and started swinging at Gage out of anger, frustration and I’m sure a little fear. Then, Arquette started peppering Gage with legit shots.  It’s at this point that Gage brought Arquette down and pinned him.

The whole sequence can be seen below.

After the match, Arquette can be heard shouting at Gage that he didn’t need his respect after Gage started putting down Arquette for calling the match off early.

Thankfully Arquette has confirmed on Twitter that he’s ok.  Mike Johnson confirmed that there were people upset over how the whole thing went down, but did not specify who they were upset with.  It was apparent that Gage was the problem in this whole situation, but GCW and Janela don’t seem like the classiest group of guys, so who knows.

Mike Johnson further went into detail about Gage’s public comments, saying;

Gage took the mic and said, “Don’t be in a death match if you don’t want to take sh**!” He said that there are Death Match wrestlers who do this every week and bleed and love it. He thanked the fans and said he would do this forever for them.

In other random news for the event, it appears that Arquette wasn’t the only guy who got hurt.  Marko Stunt, the infamous pint sized wrestler who started gaining traction around All In.  Stunt did a stunt where he was to do a Canadian Piledriver through a door.  Yup.  A door.  Stunt was wrestling Eli Everfly and apparently something went wrong with the flipping piledriver through a door stunt, as Stunt appeared to break his ankle or shin on the stunt.

Mike Johnson explains the whole sequence down below.

Stunt avoided a charge in the corner and drilled him with a shining wizard, but was too tired to take advantage. They each recovered and battled back and forth. Stunt was worked over and was nailed with a rolling boot to the face. Everfly slammed him into the ring with a rana off the top and drilled him with a piledriver for a close two count. Stunt rolled out to the floor. Everfly went to the floor and returned with someone carrying a door for him. The camera angles didn’t make it clear what was going on. It appeared to build to a spot where Stunt hit a Canadian Destroyer off the stage through the door to the floor. Ridiculous.

They rang the bell and announced that “due to the uncontrollable nature of this contest”, the referee has awarded the bout to Everfly. Something obviously went wrong here.

Marko Stunt got injured during the spot through the door. Someone at the building told me that it appears Stunt may have suffered a broken shin or ankle. Hopefully that is not the case, but certainly this wasn’t the planned finish.They are asking fans to make a path so they can get Stunt out of the ringside area. They finally get him to the back. He’s obviously going to a hospital tonight.

And finally, just for random ‘wtf’ sake; Former Riverdale star Luke Perry was at the event, as his son wrestles as Jungle Boy.

That’s him.

Today is already weird.

I’ll update this event later today when more details become available.