Iconic Producer to Announce New Project, MCU Bringing Back a Major Villain and More!

Is Adi Shankar set to produce a Legend of Zelda project?  Shankar hinted earlier that he’s working on a Nintendo property.  Why people are assuming it’s a Legend of Zelda project is anyone’s guess, but after his success with legendary video game series Castlevania, it’s fair to say that fans are just hoping that they finally get a Zelda property to embrace.  The announcement is in a few minutes, hence the early post time.


The MCU may see the return of Ultron; if their MCU tie in comics are to be believed.  Before you dismiss the thought, in March of this year Marvel put out a comic that showed the Red Skull being beamed away by an unseen force.  Now in another comic released that acts as a tie in for the MCU, Maria Hill and Nick Fury seem to hint at that thought.  As described by ComicBook.com, the foreshadowing hints at the following;

In the recapped scene, it shows the Ultron drone crashing into the helicarrier as Nick Fury and Maria Hill attempt to evacuate Sokovia. They stop the drone before it can hurt anyone, with Fury stabbing it through the head with a piece of scrap metal, and the drone’s eyes flicker.

Crystal Reed posted the following image, signifying that Swamp Thing has begun filming.


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Let the games begin 🎥 #dayone @lenwiseman

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Diego Luna will return to his role as Cassian Andor in a Star Wars series exclusive on Disney+.  Luna talked about his Rogue One prequel series, saying;

Very recently [I signed on], that’s why I know very little.  Very recently. I’m thrilled, I’m happy; it’s a dream come true to go back to that universe. I grew up watching those films and now I’m sharing that with my kids, so I’m very happy.


Legendary video game creator Hideo Kojima was in Atlanta earlier this year hanging out with Norman Reedus, who’s set to star in Kojima’s Death Stranding game.  He tweeted out the following image;