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WWE Stars Unhappy? – Its a recurring trend for Rusev and Lana to make headlines for a perceived unhappiness sure; and it should be noted that Lana and Rusev are more than likely utilizing the fact they were left off of Survivor Series simply to get headlines.  Yet it can’t be overlooked that again, for the umpteenth time, Lana and Rusev are voicing their displeasure with their booking through Twitter.

It should also not be overlooked that talents have egos, and to be disregarded during the biggest moments do in fact cause contention among many.  See PAC (formerly Neville).  While I don’t expect Rusev or Lana to want out of the WWE anytime soon, I’m also not saying that I wouldn’t be surprised if they did end up leaving.


Cody Rhodes and Y2J Take Shots at CM Punk – This isn’t a click bait headline; at all.  Cody Rhode and Chris Jericho are quoted as to cutting down CM Punk.  It appears as though the two wrestlers are not fans of the former Straight Edge Superstar.

During Jericho’s Talk is Jericho live recording, the Elite and Chris Jericho talked about leadership.  When the idea of locker room leaders came up, Cody was quoted as saying;

No one ever says, ‘I’m the leader.’ The first person who says that….especially, there’s this thing in wrestling ‘the locker room leader.’ Whenever somebody says, ‘I’m a locker room leader’ You definitely know that guy is not the locker room leader. That 100 percent.

Jericho then chimed in saying;

…Do you remember this weird…we had this weird locker room meeting in WWE once where CM Punk said that. Do you remember that?  …I remember he said, ‘As the locker room leader.’ And I’m like, ‘You don’t lead me.’

To which Cody replied;

It worked on a certain demo of the locker room.  But there was one meeting where Booker T was in the room and Punk hit the, ‘As the locker room leader, I’m telling you guys all to pick up your trash.’ And Booker literally threw his trash on the floor. And said, ‘He’s not telling me to pick up my trash.’ They had this whole interaction. Glenn (Jacobs) is the only actual locker room leader. He’s the Mayor now.

Damn, that is harsh.


Brock Lesnar’s New Deal – Expect Brock Lesnar’s newest WWE Universal Championship Run to last until WrestleMania.  Due to Roman Reigns illness, WWE offered Lesnar a huge new deal through ‘Mania in order to fill the void.

The deal is really useful for Lesnar, as it’s a reported pay increase, as well as an open ended deal to allow Lesnar to take dates with the UFC whenever he wants.

I’ve also spoke to someone off the record and it was stressed to me that the idea of Brock with the title at a UFC event is desirable but concerning.  If Lesnar beats Daniel Cormier for the UFC Heavyweight Championships, it’ll be a great headline for the WWE.  Yet, if he were to lose, that would hurt the perceived value of Lesnar in a box office sense.



Quick Hits – According to Fightful, Zelina Vega suffered a concussion at WWE Evolution, keeping her off the road for a few weeks.

Trish Stratus spoke to The Mirror and complimented the current group of female wrestlers, saying that  that they were on a whole other level (presumably) talent wise.

Kurt Angle told Sam Roberts that his ability to be successful so early was due to his love of acting like an idiot.