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Marvel’s Daredevil

Daredevil in Trouble? –  I would be dumbstruck if Daredevil and Jessica Jones were renewed for an another season going forward.  The hype around these shows, much like their movie counterparts are fleeting.  So it’s no surprise that Jumpshot, an analytics firm, is reporting that things aren’t so hot for the Marvel shows.

According to Jumpshot, via Screen Rant, Jumpshot tracks “five billion actions a day across 100 million devices” in order to analyze viewer habits.  According to their data, the second season of Daredevil remains the most watched of all eleven seasons (via five shows) of the Marvel shows.  Also according to Jumpshot, season three has not done nearly as well.  They estimate that some fifty seven percent of the fan base has dropped off between now and then.  It should be noted that the third season, despite it’s bad start, has out performed the sequel seasons to Luke Cage and Iron Fist.  While Jumpshot isn’t the whole piece of the puzzle, it’s pretty informed insight.

Part of the issue is the lack of intrigue these shows generate on their own.  The Defenders was the payoff and the story was shit, the action was limited and we got more “heroes in street clothes” than actual superheroes.  If shows like Arrow, Titans and even Smallville are any indication; it’s that fans want to see multiple high profile heroes.

A show like Daredevil or Jessica Jones will only ever be so popular because it only ever showcases one star.  Yet, a series like The Defenders can provide far more intrigue and dynamics.  If a series could work after the dismal first attempt remains anyone’s guess.

Walking Dead Star Sticking AroundThe Walking Dead has lost many of it’s key players of the years, but none more so than Lauren Cohan and Andrew Lincoln who have played Maggie Green and Rick Grimes since season two and one, respectively.   Lincoln has confirmed after 8+ seasons he’s leaving the show to spend more time closer to home, and his children.  Cohan though is also leaving the show, though maybe not for log.  She’s leaving in the 6th episode of the ninth season, but won’t be killed off.  Her departure also coincides with Lincoln’s, which is the episode prior.

While Lincoln will not return, Cohan has revealed that she’s talked to showrunner Angela Kang about returning in season 10.  Cohan is attached to the an ABC drama called Whiskey Cavalier but it’s probably not getting a second season, as it’s a mid season replacement at the moment.   Kang revealed to Comicbook earlier in the year that she had hoped Cohan could come back, saying;

Lauren and I have had conversations, and she’s excited to come back, even if it’s not for a full season. We can work with that. That’s scheduling problems. We’ll figure out the story. She’s great. We have a great relationship, and she still loves the show. Sometimes our actors need to spread their wings a little bit. We get that.

Now Cohan talked to EW about the subject of returning, and she said;

We have had creative story conversation about what could happen with the character, and that’s all I know.

I have a strong feeling she’ll return for a big arch in season ten and for a big payday as well.


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