Netflix Determines Castlevania’s Fate, Huge Nintendo Sales? and More! – ComicCorp News

Castlevania Season 3 Update – With a slate of shows being cancelled on Netflix ranging from Iron Fist, to Luke Cage, Orange is the New Black and others; some fans including myself feared that the third season of Castlevania would not come to pass.  The show was originally thought of as a three film series, and extended to fit three seasons instead.

Well it appears as though Netflix will give the show it’s third season after all, as Deadline is reporting the series will be picked up for a third season of ten episodes.  Warren Ellis, who’s earning a reputation of being a great writer in these days is expected to be back, as well as Adi Shankar, Sam Deats, Kevin Kolde, and Fred Seibert.

Nintendo Crushing It – The Nintendo Switch is the hottest thing Nintendo has put out since the Wii, but it’s not just the Switch that is dominating the sales charts.  Nintendo created the NES and SNES Classics to kill the secondary retail market on classic cartridges, and while that may be a depressing concept, the fact is fans are eating it up.  The two mini consoles have sold a whopping ten million units combined worldwide.

Quick Hits – With rumors of Supernatural star Jensen Ackles being seen on the set of the Arrowverse crossover Elseworlds, and rumors flying about his involvement in the DC Arrowverse, Ackles took to Instagram to show off his Halloween costume for this year – Red Hood.  Ackles is well liked and respected for his role as Red Hood in the animated movie Under the Red Hood.

A rumor online is claiming that Battlefront II is bringing in Padme and Ashoka in the next update to the game.