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Hogan Set for Crown Jewel – Ryan Satin of Pro Wrestling Sheet is reporting that Hulk Hogan will in fact appear at the Crown Jewel event in Saudi Arabia.   Hogan will serve as the Host of the event, marking his return to the company after more than three years away.

In other news about the event, Renee Young has been added to the announce team for the event, and while it appears that Young will travel to the country, one might wonder if this was smart.  Young will be held to a different standard in the country as opposed to rest of the crew, and it would of been smarter to simulcast the broadcast, witch the announce team handling duties in Stanford, Connecticut.

Tommy Dreamer Continues Defending Wrong Choices – Tommy  Dreamer is again defending the WWE’s decision by pointing to past examples of the pro wrestling doing things that were deemed controversial.    Posting to his Facebook page, Dreamer posted the following message, saying;

In 1995 WCW went to North Korea
over 150,000 fans attended
All the political turmoil was put aside
People were united for a moment in time through professional wrestling
I was part of the 1st LIVE gathering after 9/11
I was confused, scared, angry
It was Vince McMahon who told everyone it was our choice if we wanted to perform and he said Its our jobs(the wrestlers) to help put smiles on people faces and help people heal.
I cried when Lillian Garcia sang The National Anthem. I felt patriotism for the first time.
The most horrific event on US soil that changed all of our lives and it was wrestling for me (then baseball Mike Piazza HR) that helped me heal. We will never forget but we did smile & begin to heal as a community. A wrestling community.
I know the world was different in 1995 and before 9/11/2001 social media wasnt as strong as it is. Peoples agendas weren’t pushed,
Just giving my opinion of wrestling and the entire WWE Saudi Arabia show
From my personal perspective
We never stopped something in our country when something horrible happened.
All the wrestlers that I know that went said they had a great time and the kids made it worth it.
Putting smiles on peoples faces is our job
Thank you Vince

The problem is two fold with his comparisons.  Firstly with WCW going to North Korea, they had little say in the matter, as it was a New Japan produced show.  On top of that, WCW was not as financially sound as WWE is today.  So the circumstances around the decision making are vastly different.

Also, the 9/13 episode of SmackDown, saved for Stephanie McMahon’s disgusting promo on the event, is by and large looked at as a success and the right thing to do.  Words “brave”, and “healing” were used often.  JBL has took a similar tactic, citing the Tribute to the Troops shows as another example; but again those were seen publicly as the honorable thing to do, following in in the long line of USO shows.

For Dreamer to boil it down to the basis of “wrestling heals” is pathetically naive, and I love Dreamer.   Just because I like Dreamer though doesn’t make his opinion and narrow minded views any less problematic.  In fact, the very nature of his belief that not supporting Saudi Arabia is somehow “an agenda” makes him sound so ignorant it’s not even funny.  The Saudi Arabian government ordered a hit on a journalist who’s only crime is criticizing the regime.  If Dreamer think’s that condemning that is an agenda, then Dreamer can go fuck right off and retire.  You don’t reward butchers.  Period.

Dreamer talks a good game about respect, but so very often he fails to actually have any.  He’s beloved in the industry but he constantly goes to bat for terrible people, who make terrible decisions.  Maybe it’s time to stop looking at Dreamer as the lovable good guy that we all saw once as, and more like he really is; a made man.  Keep propping up The Don, Dreamer.  We all know you ain’t no rat.

WrestleMania Rumor – Trish Stratus and Lita performed well enough to have the WWE think about using them again at major pay per view events down the line.  The Royal Rumble, WrestleMania have been events thrown about with the general idea being that Stratus and Lita would compete as a tag team.  Rumors of them competing for a possible Women’s Tag Team Titles have been discussed but if those are legitimate or not is anyone’s guess.

Quick Hits – Former IMPACT Wrestling and Bound for Glory competitor Stephan Bonnar was arrested over the weekend on DUI charges.

Daniel Bryan has officially been replace by Samoa Joe in the WWE Championship match against AJ Styles.

Finally congratulations go to Brooke Tessmacher for giving birth at 4:45 a.m. to a baby girl named Phoenix Presley-Lee Piper.