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WWE Crown Jewel News – The Wrap’s Tony Maglio is reporting that the fate of the WWE Crown Jewel event to be hosted in Saudi Arabia is dependent on the Turkish government revealing information about the murder of James Khashoggi.  He’s quoted as saying;

WWE was waiting for Turkey to announce details from its investigation into the killing of the Washington Post columnist [Jamal Khashoggi] before it makes a final call about whether to hold the event in Saudi Arabia

While the Saudi Arabian government claims it was a “rogue” operation, no one with a clue believes them.  The Saudi royal family was linked to the hit, as only they have that kind of power within the country to get something like that greenlit.

Robbie Fox, who spoke on this in the last few days, is reporting that the WWE is “frantically” looking for a new location to move Crown Jewel to.  He emphasizes that the location and date are in jeopardy.

Like the meat-bag of hot hair that he is, the human piece of trash and long time cowardly piece of shit, John Bradshaw Layfield spoke about the matter, citing hypocrisy.  Speaking to equally terrible Bully Ray and host Dave LeGreca on Busted Open Radio,  JBL brought up how companies go to China and Russia to do business but aren’t met with backlash.  He goes on to say;

You look at something like Russia or you look at something like China where you actually allow free markets to go in. And you haven’t seen the change that we, in the western world, would probably like. You still have a bit of a dictatorship, some people would say more than a bit of a dictatorship, in Russia and in China. But you’re seeing change come there and Saudi Arabia.  I think staying away from Saudi Arabia, there [are] macroeconomic reasons to not stay away from Saudi Arabia, huge macroeconomic reasons right now in the world. But to me, as far as if you want to do something to promote change, you allow business and free markets to go in there.

JBL continues, and not only does he get his facts wrong but he flat out lies by saying;

I think it’s horribly unfair [for WWE to receive criticism for continuing with Crown Jewel]. I mean, you look at what’s going on in the world right now. Russia has this Novichok poison. They’re the only ones to have ever manufactured it. They obviously killed this guy in the UK. They’ve poisoned another. Several guys have been poisoned. It’s obviously Russia. You still have the World Cup there and people are not boycotting the World Cup.

(*Note: There were protests, and boycotts of the Russian World Cup, including the UK and Australia.*)

Look at what’s going on in China. And, by the way, 65 reports (SIC) last year were killed globally, around the globe right now. Not to diminish what happened, [but] this is a direct violation of the Magnitsky Act. It says that the USA is going to have to put some type of sanctions upon Saudi Arabia, which they should. They should deal with this issue, but you think about what’s going on with the Uyghurs in the Xingjiang province in China, what’s going on with the Tibetans in China, the human rights violations, yet you go to the Olympics there and people say, ‘oh, this is so great!’ Everybody’s going to China. There [are] human rights violations everywhere and I’m not diminishing that. I’m not diminishing the fact that you should deal with it.

(*Note: There were again boycotts called for China’s Olympic games, stemming from the likes of Steven Spielberg, European Parliament Vice-President Edward McMillian-Scott, and Polannd’s then Prime Minister Donald Tusk, among countless others.

Look at the United States! We have incarceration [rates]… this isn’t whataboutism, but this is a one-for-one correlation. We have a mass incarceration among minorities that is disproportionate to our population. It’s a travesty what’s going on with our mass incarceration specifically of minorities. Yet, we still do business in the United States. You can’t change certain things just by not going there. WWE, from what I understand, has a contract with Saudi Arabia. WWE, to me, if you want to promote change, you let these guys go.” JBL explained, “no one else is treated like this. You didn’t do this with the World Cup. You didn’t do it with the Olympics. But all-of-a-sudden, you’re going after WWE. I think it’s easy fodder. It’s hard going after the World Cup. It’s hard going after the Olympics.

(*There are ongoing discussion about this very same issue here stateside; but it should also be pointed out that this is no where near the same level as a Government sponsored murder of a political opponent.  This is like comparing a broken limb to a traumatic brain injury.  One clearly is more important*)

This brings us to the last piece of news, which we covered yesterday;  John Cena is being replaced in the World Cup tournament.  Cena and Bryan are refusing to go to the event, according to several outlets, and Dave Meltzer that while he can’t confirm Bryan, he can confirm that the creative team is writing Cena out of the event.  Meltzer also echoes that the event is in trouble.

Quick Hits – The Young Bucks and Cody Rhodes are redefining their hold on the trademark to ‘All In’, as apparently they have more plans for it than just a singular event.    They’re filling it under Killing the Business, INC.  Fallah Bahh spoke recently about wanting a match with Abyss.  Lashley is apparently working hurt, a theory suggested by Dave Meltzer.  Alexa Bliss suffered a concussion after this weekend’s house show loop, and her match at this weekends WWE Evolution event may be in jeopardy.