Marvel Makes Big Changes to Thor and Loki, Concerning News Involving Smallville Star and More! – ComicCorp News



Interesting Changes to Thor and Loki – Thor and Loki have been the Gods of Thunder and Mischief in the Marvel’s universe  for decades.  Well now, for a short time only I’m assuming, both men have been given new roles.  Thor has become King Phoenix, presumably the God of Resurrection.  Loki has followed suit as well with, becoming Loki the Necrogod.  Life and death.  Interesting.


Allison Mack Update – Allison Mack is still awaiting trial for her involvement in the Keith Raniere/Nxivm sex cult situation.  Mack is currently on house arrest and must wear an electronic ankle bracelet at all times.  She’s been able to travel to school according to a previous court hearing and now Mack is again petitioning the court for even more time out of the house to shop for groceries.   Brooklyn federal court judge Nicholas Garaufis has granted the request.

To make matters more interesting, despite living in Los Alamitos, California with her parents, she’ll be allowed to move to Brooklyn and will travel by plane WITHOUT an ankle monitor on.  Fellow NXVIM member Clare Bronfman and former leader Ranier are also facing similar charges to Mack.  Bronfman though is on a much stricter house arrest schedule and is out on $100 million bond as opposed to Mack’s $5 million bond.  Bronfman lives in Brooklyn as well, and I’d be flabbergasted if the two don’t try to meet up once Mack arrives; assuming he doesn’t flee the country in route.

Prosecutor Moira Penza commented on this situation, saying;

In light of the foregoing, the government respectfully requests that the Court order that Ms. Mack is to remain on continuous electronic monitoring while on pretrial release, including when traveling by air.

Mack is absolutely a flight risk from custody, and the sheer fact that a judge is allowing someone suspected and accused of facility a sex trafficking cult to travel without being monitored is disguising.


Quick Hits – Sideways #9 brought back the New 52 version of Superman because of…reasons.  Former Riverdale actor Ross Butler, who portrayed Reggie Mantle in the first season of the show, denied all allegations and a pending lawsuit that he was involved in a plot to kill Isaiah Silva; former husband of Kurt Cobain’s daughter Francis Bean Cobain.  Chris Hemsworth has confirmed that the Men in Black reboot has completed its filming.