Kevin Sullivan in Stripes – WrestleCorp Review Podcast

On this week’s WrestleCorp Review, Chad and Zach talk;
#34 (February 26th, 2003)
– Konnan brings in a WCW superstar to face Jerry Lynn.
– AMW faces off with a long time foe, though no one cares.
– Chad calls B.S. on The New Church being faces.
– The plotholes in ‘MET WITH A SHOGTGUN TO THE FACE’

#35 (March, 5th, 2003)
– Vince Russo quits?
– The S.E.X. group has gotten into a fight.  Group sex always leads to fights.
– Hollllywooooodd….Swinging.
– David Flair finally shows the content of his sack.

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