Suicide Squad 2 Gets Surprising New Director, DiDio Says Most Obvious Thing Ever and More! – ComicCorp News


James Gunn Rebounds with Suicide Squad Film – The former Guardians of the Galaxy director has rebounded after his now infamous Tweets came to light a few months back, causing Disney to can him from future Marvel films.  DC has now signed the controversial director to helm their next Suicide Squad film.  Borys Kit on Twitter claims that this will not be a sequel, but if it’s a recasting or just new characters is not yet clear.  The Wrap was the first to report Gunn’s possible involvement with DC earlier today.  Gunn will both write and direct the next film, as it stands now.  Assuming Gunn is formally hired, he’ll succeed David Ayer as director.

DC Exec Regrets Nude Batman – This was a bad idea when it first happened and it didn’t take a mastermind villain to know this was going to be a problem.  But Dan DiDio is a dumb ass.  He hired Brian Michael Bendis after all.  DiDio was interviewed by Polygon and was asked about the naked-Batman controversy and he replied with the most obvious quote every;

It’s something we wished never happened, because it really took the attention away from what we thought was quality storytelling, and that’s not the way we see this imprint. As a matter of fact, we’re excited by all the books that we have under Black Label. And it’s an important line for us, so much so that we’re actually repositioning some of our older material that has that same tonality and bringing it in and reprinting it under the Black Label name.


Quick Hits – The first look at Ruby Rose’s Batwoman suit for the upcoming Arrowverse crossover has been revealed and damn. It’s nice. imugr user YenaMagana of Jordan claims that Star Wars filming crews are again in the area to film, which was previously seen in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. A complete list of backwards compatible games for the Xbox has been released by Star Trek has launched a comic and video game crossover event, similar to SyFy’s attempt with Defiance. This event is called Age of Discovery and will be an update to the Star Trek Online video game.