New Batman Being Cast? Young Justice Being Revived and More! – ComicCorp News

New Batman Coming? – Ben Affleck’s spin as Batman is all but over.  While many fans have rallied around the idea of Jon Hamm taking over the roll, according to the Hashtag Show, that doesn’t appear to be the case.  According to them, the current rumor has Jack O’Connell as the studio’s pick.  O’Connell is a relative unknown compared to Affleck or Hamm and is a considerably younger to boot.


Walking Dead Creator Launches Kid Show – Bloods, guts, drama, sex, zombies, horror, brutality; these are the words one can associate with Robert Kirkman, creator the Walking Dead franchise.  However, now you can add “created a kids show about a crime fighting dinosaur” now as well.  Kirkman has created a show called Super Dinosaur that will air in Canada for TeleToon.

The character is based off a book Kirkman did in 2011 under Image Comics’ imprint, Skybound.

DC Relaunches Young Justice – DC is doubling down on Brian Michael Bendis and fans don’t get why.  Announced recently is the return of the comic book Young Justice, the same title that inspired the animated series.  The previous incarnations focused on Superboy (Connor Kent), Robin (Tim Drake) and Impulse (Bart Allen) and eventually added more and more characters.  The original comic was focused more towards a younger demographic and featured the kids mostly being kids.

The book will be the flagship series for the Wonder Comics line of books by DC.  Bendis is bringing back all three of the original members of the crew, including new members Jennie Hex (yup, Jonah’s descendant), and Teen Lantern.  So yeah, you can probably pass on this junk.

Quick Hits – Play Station Classics are now available for pre-order at Target for $99.99 and will be delivered on or about December 3rd.  WWE is hinting that The Rock will appear on SmackDown’s 1000th episode, with the most recent Twitter posting.  Mark Hamil cites John Williams as the second most responsible person for Star Wars’ success, outside of obvious number one, George Lucas.