LAX/OG Want Top Indy Star Involved in Feud, Johnny Impact Talks Name and More! – WrestleCorp News

Who Would the OGz Add? – The OGz are feuding with LAX and right now LAX has the numbers advantage thanks to Diamante; who has been off t.v. for the interim.  So in speaking to on a conference call last week, Homicide revealed who he’d pick to combat Diamante, saying;

Diamante would be my number one. She’s the craziest of anybody. She’s the type of girl who will punch somebody out. I don’t even know what side she’s on. Hopefully the OGz side if she’s smart. When it comes to girls, a legend in the streets is Mercedes Martinez. She’s a legend and she’d be down with the click.

This was a press conference featuring both Homicide and rival Ortiz, and even Ortiz agreed with Homicide, saying;

Diamante all the way man. Respect to Mercedes, too. She’s a true veteran in the game.

Even Josh Mathews echoes this sentiment, saying that he’d love to see her in IMPACT.

Johnny IMPACT Talks His Name – Johnny Impact and Taya Valkyrie spoke recently to Women’s Wrestling Weekly and the subject of Johnny Impact’s IMPACT name came up.  Johnny first revealed what name he would go under if he could;

If I had to pick one name, it would Johnny Blaze. Johnny Blaze is the first name I wanted to be at the very beginning of my wrestling career. I was Johnny Blaze for one episode of RAW before we got a cease and desist from Method Man and also from Marvel.

Taya then jumped in and revealed who dubbed Johnny, ‘Johnny Impact’;

John was given the name Johnny Impact and Moose gave him the name.

Why is the WWE Trademarking Old Names? – WWE is afraid of Major League Wrestling and other outfits using old event names, according to The Observer.  MLW just used the term War Games for their big event in September, due to them trademarking it.  The WWE has now gone on a binge of shorts, trademarking old event names and are said to be furious with the fact MLW was able to trademark the name before them.

Quick Hits – Pete Dunne has apparently been pulled from some dates due to an undisclosed injury, according to Destiny Wrestling, though the tweet that made mention of it has been deleted.  Brian Cage revealed recently that not defending his X-Division championship at Bound for Glory “…does hurt”.   Rich Swann was interviewed by Chris Van Vliet recently and revealed that while he doesn’t have any contact with the folks at the WWE, he also doesn’t have any bad blood stemming from his release from the WWe.