NWA 70th News, ‘Ready 2 Rumble 2’? and More! – WrestleCorp News

NWA 70th Anniversary News – Well, the Tennessee fairgrounds in Nashville are going to be off and popping, as the kids say, as the NWA holds their 70th anniversary show at the old TNA Asylum.  We already know that the NWA will have a new title, the NWA National Champion decided, as well as a women’s match featuring Jazz and of course the 2 out of 3 falls NWA Worlds Title match.  Yet, today we found out that the former IMPACT team of Jax Dane and Crimson will team up in an open challenge against a mystery team.  They’ll be accompanied by Road Warrior Animal.  Also announced, Tim Storm will face off with Championship Wrestling from Hollywood star, Peter Avalon (aka IMPACT’s Norv Fernum).  All of these announcements were made via the NWA’s Twitter account.

NXT Expansion – According to The Wrestling Observer, while no details have been rumored, it seems like NXT is again looking to expand.  While this has been known for some time that the WWE wants to do this, the when and where were unknown.  NXT just popped up in the UK but those shows still haven’t aired (to my knowledge).  The WWE is aiming at gobbling up competitors best talent now, hoping to use them in the expansion.  More on this as it develops.

Quick Hits  – The Young Bucks blame shyness and not wanting to make a mistake, as to why they had a situation with Booker T back in 2011 at a WWE tryout.  Charly Caruso has joined ESPN, but apparently will still work for the WWE as well.  David Arquette is making a documentary following his return to pro wrestling called Ready 2 Rumble 2.