Krypton Casts Lobo, Star Wars Live Action News and More! – ComicCorp News

Krypton Casts Lobo – The Main Man cometh.  Krypton, the SyFy series, announced after their first season that Lobo would be in the 2nd season.  Today, we now know who’ll play the ass kicking alien, and that’s relative unknown Emmett J. Scanlan.  He’ll be a recurring character through season two, and is described as “…ruthless bounty hunter who murdered his entire species.”

Star Wars Live Action Series Get Lead? – The first ever live action Star Wars series is on the verge of filming but no stars have been announced for the pilot.  Well, is reporting that Pedro Pascal of Game of Thrones and Kingsma: Golden Circle fame is being seen as the central lead, stating;

The last thing I heard was that Pedro Pascal was the person being held up as a central lead in the live-action Star Wars series about the restoration of Mandalore

Robert Kirkman Loses TV Series – Cinemax has finally killed Robert Kirman’s beloved t.v. series.  No, not The Walking Dead or Fear The Walking Dead but Outcast.  A show you probably never watched.  The series finished up a ten episode season last Friday, the 26th.  The series was about a man who was possessed by a demon. Interesting premise, but the show was not a commercial or critical hit.

Quick Hits – Chelsea Peretti Tweeted out that she’s going to have little to do with the newest season of Brooklyn 99.  Entertainment Weekly just published the first poster of Hellboy, which is rumored to debut a trailer of sorts at this weekends New York ComicCon.  Konami has opened a Castlevania website with a  dedicated time for the game series as well.  The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Toys “R” Us has cancelled their bankruptcy proceedings, opting instead to reorganize their brand in hopes of reopening stores and returning to the market.  The PS4’s Spider-Man has been knocked off the perch of #1 selling game in the UK thanks to Koei Tecmo’s Warriors Orochi 4.  Damon Wayans has abruptly announced he’s leaving the Lethal Weapon series mere months after Clayne Crawford was removed as the other lead to the series.