Sting Reveals Vince mocked His Decision, Janela’s Bad Day and More! – WrestleCorp News


Sting Talks TNA and Vince McMahon – Sting talked to Bill Apter recently, and revealed not only that he talked to Vince McMahon before signing with TNA, but what McMahon said to Sting prior to his debut in the company, saying;

I ended up going to TNA and I’ll never forget having that conversation with Vince, he’s on the phone with me and he says, ‘you know, Sting,’ he said, ‘I find this hard to believe. The legacy that you leave behind and the thought of you going to TNA is just, blah.’ That’s exactly what he said, ‘blah!’ And so then you fast forward to me coming back to do WrestleMania, I sent out a text to Vince and Triple H, and I simply said, ‘have you guys turned the page on Sting yet?’ because I honestly didn’t know. Did they turn the page? Are they done or would they consider a run up there?

Sting then went on to reveal that he only intended to spend a year or so in TNA when he first signed on with them in 06, saying;

Yeah, I thought, ‘let’s try TNA.’ And, again, they kind of gave me what I wanted. Obviously, it wasn’t all about money with TNA, but the schedule though that I ended up having, that I could attain and they were very agreeable. And so, we did that and the rest is history. I planned on doing it for a year maybe or a couple of years. But they brought me in in hopes that other bigger name guys might want to come in and I thought that worked because, quite frankly, quite a few of them ended up coming in. Kurt Angle was the first. Mick Foley was there. [Scott] Hall and [Kevin] Nash, they were there. Scotty Steiner was there. Hulk Hogan was there.” Sting professed, “a lot of guys ended up coming in and it was a lot of fun. It really was.

Bad News for Joey Janela – Joey Janela tore his MCL and his PCL ligaments in his knees, generally not a horrific injury all things considered and most people can return to action in about 4 months.  In fact most MCL tears heal on their own.  So for Janela to tweet out he’ll miss year means one of two things; he did far more damage than we first knew about, including severe damage to all four ligaments in his knee.  Or and most likely, he devastated the ligaments to the point there is nothing left but fragments.  Regardless of what the severity of the injury is, to miss a year is tough.


Quick Hits – CageSideSeats is reporting that no titles will change hands at the Super Show-Down house show.  Kevin Nash spoke to Sporting News and claimed that wrestlers in their prime these days won’t last 30 years anymore, let alone 20.  In other news, Kenny Omega is on year 19 and Styles is on year 20, while Daniels is narrowing in on 30.  But sure.